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Comment Content: Well I am just discovering this and jumping in almost a year after the fact, but I couldn't resist, having been a Chadds Fordian of that era. That big music fair was called Brandywine Music Box. I don't think it was there very long; we used to play our Little League games across Route One from that (behind Christy's, which is where we held our banquets). The one production I can recall playing there was "Pajama Game."

Just up from Rick's Riding Academy on 202 was the original St. Cornelius chapel, a charming tiny place that could fit into the foyer of the current church.

Anibas is correct about Birmingham Grille being on the NW corner of Routes 1 and 202 (which was alternately called Christy's Corner or Painter's Crossroads.) Tony Polito had his barbershop in the little shopping center there, along with J. Lanier Jordan Realty and Southeast National Bank. There was also a pre-Wawa deli (I believe it was Gebhardt's) there. There was also a State Store, although I may have some of the timing off as to what was there and when.

As you head south on Route One, on the right hand side before you got into the village of Chadds Ford there was a hamburger/hot dog place. I can't remember the name -- it had a big Medford's Franks sign on it.

Hank's was about one-third the size it is now and was pretty much just a counter with a few stools. Of course Lexington Lumber yard is where the Brandywine River Museum is now. Chadds Ford School went to eighth grade when I started there, then changed to only fifth, after which we spent one year at Unionville Elementary before going over to the "new" high school (which was 7-12.)

Going south further on Route One, where The Gables is now, was Dario's General Store, with the big Elsie the Cow sign and an ad for their Turkeyburgers, which I never saw anyone order even though I was in the store thousands of times (and loved it very deeply, I might add.) Green Acres Motel was just up the road on the left. Near Green Acres was a big yellow billboard advertising the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry in those pre-Commodore Barry Bridge days.

I liked Betty's Ice Cream too. I must have, because I kept going there even though I got food poisoning twice! Wasn't about to let a trivial occurrence like that keep me away.

Thanks for the enjoyable column.

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