Protests in Mideast and Wisconsin are both right

I beg to differ with the editorial, "Protests right and
wrong". The protests in the Middle East and in Wisconsin do share
similarities and are both right on -- if not right wing.

The middle-class in the US -- and that includes by the way,
all those public servants in unions -- is being destroyed by big business not
by big government. The government is to be for the people and by the people not
by the plutonomy that is replacing democracy. Don’t know what plutonomy is? I
didn't make the word up. Citigroup claimed it from plutocracy. Citigroup's own
document "revisiting plutonomy" boasts ... market friendly
governments have allowed the rich to prosper... and take an increasing share of
income and wealth over the last 20 years... particularly the top 1 percent of
the United States... but plutonimists have benefited disproportionately... and
are likely to get even wealthier... because the dynamics of plutonomy are still
intact." Is this what you want? I do not!

We are all being hoodwinked by multibillionaires such as the
Koch brothers whose goal is plutonomy and who clandestinely support the likes
of Walker and his ilk. These folks are not about protecting the rights and
welfare of the little guys. They are greedy capitalists wanting to fill their
coffers as they put the middle-class in coffins.

We are shooting the messenger when we go after the teachers
and others who just want to keep their unions intact: they were willing to take
pay cuts and pension cuts. All they ask for is to retain collective bargaining.

I see us regressing to a Charles Dickens universe where the
chasm between the haves and have-nots widens into a gaping gorge. As it
is 1 percent of the population has 50 percent of the wealth in this country.
Quite frankly, the way to cure the huge deficit that came about from pointless
and unending war is to tax the wealthy more. Warren Buffet accepts this! Why
can't the CEOs making hundreds of times more money than their employees repent
from their greed and pay more taxes. They won't be out on the streets, their
houses won't be foreclosed. As a matter of fact, they will still own multiple
mansions. They will never miss the money. There, deficit solved.

So meanwhile we complain about the middle-class public
sector. We are being hoodwinked if we think this is the problem with the
deficit. The Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch have
got us over a barrel if we believe that malarkey. And yes the protests in the
Middle East and Wisconsin are similar . The little people are rising up against
the wealthy and the powerful all over the world. The message is: enough of

I have first hand experience of the arrogance of wealthy
corporate types who argue against the unions. My father was a member of a
newspaper Guild(i.e.Union) when he worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer. At the
time, my uncle was a corporate executive -- who later became a vice president
of ITT. He scoffed at unions -- he disdained having to negotiate with the
"peons" even though his own father, immigrant from Poland, worked in
a steel mill.

Even as a 10-year-old, I found his condescending view of
people standing up for fairness and safety in the workplace to be appalling.
And what is appalling now is that we don't seem to see what is happening before
our eyes in this country! Democracy could go the way of the dinosaur here if we
let pluonomy have its way. The Lords of the Manor have their serfs beating
their drums. That is not democracy, that's feudalism or in today's parlance,
plutonomy. Societal regression at its best or worst depending on whether you
are the lord or the serf! Don't believe for a minute that that is

Kayta Gajdos
Chadds Ford Township

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