Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Rough Seas

Waters of the Brandywine Creek rush over the rock dam underneath Route 1 in Chadds Ford Township. Stay off the dam, indeed.  


Photo of the Week: A Winter Scene

Snow, ice, and winter wind chill the run along Beaver Dam Road leading to the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Walking in Solitude

A lone walker takes a solitary stroll in Anson Nixon Park on a cold January morning.


Photo of the Week: Whee

A goose practices its water landing at a pond in Bethel Township. Its tail feathers are reminiscent of the tailhook on Navy fighters landing on an aircraft carrier.


Photo of the Week: Merry Christmas

A nativity scene on Birmingham Road.


Photo of the Week: Whatcha Bring Us

A couple of goats at Thornbury Farm look and act more like spoiled dogs looking for a treat.


Photo of the Week: Zoom

A cormorant makes a speedy take-off from Lums Pond.


Photo of the Week: Three for Brunch

A trio of horses strolls and grazes under sunny skies on a Sunday morning.


Photo of the Week: An Autumn Sunday

A pond under blue skies reflects leaves in autumn orange near the Mill at the Stone Barn in West Marlborough Township.


Photo of the Week: Just Jump

A blue heron makes takeoff look easy.


Photo of the Week: A Box of Crayons

Autumn foliage moves from pastel to bold at Marsh Creek State Park.