Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Nature’s Medusa

Erosion leads exposed roots to look like a cross between tentacles and a nest of snakes.


Photo of the Week: Bouncing Blue

A blue heron leaping into the air is reminiscent of an old cartoon where a dog bounds goofily in a field.


Photo of the Week: Quiet Time

Youngsters wade and play in the creek at Ridley Creek State Park while a fisherman does his thing on a sunny Mother’s Day afternoon.


Photo of the Week: Lunch

Horses graze in a field along Beaver Valley Road in Concord Township.


Photo of the Week: A Quiet Place

Chester Creek running through Newlin Grist Mill Park provides a quiet spot to enjoy nature on a sunny morning.


Photo of the Week: Spring Colors

Spring colors bloom at the Brandywine Battlefield Park in Chadds Ford Township.


Photo of the Week: Rooted in History

The giant sycamore near the Gilpin House at the Brandywine Battlefield Park is certified by the National Arborist Society and the International Society of Arboriculture to have been alive at the time the Constitution was signed in 1787. Conceivably, it could be a silent witness to troop movements during the Battle of Brandywine 10 years earlier.


Photo of the Week: A Clutch Sitter

A goose sits on her clutch while her mate keeps watch from the pond.


Photo of the Week: Springtime Lunch

Sunshine, blue skies, and warm afternoon graze. It feels as if the region has had more sunshine during these first two weeks of spring than most of the past winter.


Photo of the Week: Saturday Mist

A steady mist falls onto the swamp along Route 1 in Chadds Ford Township Saturday.


Photo of the Week: Grazing in Sunshine

It may have been chilly Sunday morning, but horses still enjoy their morning graze under blue skies.