Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Guard Duty

Guard Duty

A duck seems to be standing lifeguard duty on the shore of a pond in Kennett Square.


Photo of the Week: Textures

A storm damaged tree limb, looking almost like an alien creature, adds its own texture to a scene along the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Crisp Morning

Sunlight filters through the tree cover on a cooler and less humid morning.


Photo of the Week: Stand Tall

Sunflowers stand well over 6 feet outside the Barn Shops on Route 1 in Chadds Ford Township.


Photo of the week: Gone

A scene along the Red Clay Trail in Kennett Square evokes thoughts of runaway kids or, what used to be called, hobos.


Photo of the Week: The Back Door

Imagine a shadow on a partially opened door, the shadow of a person in colonial garb. Or maybe there’s an imaginary echo of a peg-legged pirate tapping along the stairway carrying a barrel of grain for a long journey home. Or maybe it's gunpowder.


Photo of the week: Weighing In

Barrels stand ready to be weighed at the Newlin Grist Mill in Concord Township. Nathaniel Newlin built the mill in 1704. It remained in use as a grist mill until 1941. It will be the site of a traditional papermaking demonstration on Saturday, Aug. 12.


Photo of the Week: Glisten

Wet rocks glisten in the sun as if studded with precious metals and jewels.


Photo of the Week: Rest Stop

A butterfly takes a break from fluttering by.


Photo of the Week: A Day in the Country

Peace and quiet on a lazy afternoon.


Photo of the Week: Rings of Fun

As was said in the hippie days of yore, “It’s so tubular man.”