Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Nature’s Way

A flowing Brandywine Creek continues to cause erosion and exposes more of a tree's root system — as well as a flat-rock seat — near the Brandywine River Museum of Art.


Photo of the Week: Summer Cruise

The Brandywine Creek is the place to be on a hot summer morning.


Photo of the Week: Swing Time

A couple of youngsters enjoy the Brandywine Creek on a hot and humid Saturday.


Photo of the Week: Paramotor

Some people jump out of airplanes while others use a parachute with a giant fan on their back. It might have been too windy for the balloons to fly during the Chester County Balloon Festival last weekend, but some people found a way to get off the ground by paramotoring.


Photo of the Week: Mill Under Dark Sky

The Mill at the Stone Barn is sandwiched between a dark sky and lush greenery, with some sunlight filtering in from the right.


Photo of the Week: Climbing for Success

Interpretive. The ladder and mural in the N.C. Wyeth studio in Chadds Ford. Wyeth used a ladder to paint his larger murals, such as this, William Penn, Man of Vision. Courage. Action, painted in 1933. The Brandywine River Museum of Art opens an exhibit of N.C.’s work on Friday, June 21.


Photo of the Week: Deadfall on Blue

Downed trees and limbs bring interesting shapes and lines to a calm creek reflecting blue skies.


Photo of the Week: Morning Sun

Morning sun casts a warm glow on the Brandywine Baptist Church cemetery.


Photo of the Week: Railbird

Bird on a post seems to be watching the world with intense curiosity.


Photo of the Week: Hawk Boy in Spring

Boy with Hawk, the sculpture by Charles Park at the entrance to the Brandywine River Museum, is punctuated by spring greenery.


Photo of the Week: Elf House

Looks like the elves need a new tree to call home.