Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Bookends

Horses graze in symmetry in Kennett Township.


Photo of the Week: Autumn Mist

A light mist rises from the Brandywine Creek on a sunny Sunday morning in early November.


Photo of the Week: Autumn Fire

Fall colors are finally showing themselves, here with bright reds.


Photo of the Week: Sunrise

A sunrise from under a pier.


Photo of the Week: Autumn Dancers

The Callaway Crab Apple trees in front of the Brandywine River Museum of Art look as if they’re performing a modern dance number. Mark Gormel, the horticulture coordinator at the conservancy said they’re swirling shape is not typical of the species. He’s been grooming them that way. The trees are not native to the region but were the personal choice of Frolic ...


Photo of the Week: Abandoned

The old NVF facility on Creek Road in Yorklyn, abandoned and overgrown, seems an apt place to host a spooky Halloween tour.


Photo of the Week: Dawn Breaks

The sun beaks through some cloud cover over the beach at Ocean City, N.J.


Photo of the Week: Naughty Boy

A seagull looks as if he was told to go stand in the corner. 


Photo of the Week: Standing Goose

A goose surveys its surroundings along the Brandywine Creek from its rock perch.


Photo of the Week: Yard Art

Rollers once used in pulp preparation are turned into industrial yard art at the old NVF facility in Yorklyn.


Photo of the Week: Bobbing for Brunch

Ducks look for food in the Brandywine Creek on a late Sunday morning.