Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Quietude

A kayaker takes in nature on a quiet morning.


Photo of the Week: Reaching New Heights

A turtle climbs for the warmth of sunshine.


Photo of the Week: Spring

Spring blooms, nature renews.


Photo of the Week: De-stressing

There's nothing like a day on the water. Jake Doyle, of Secane, takes time to chill out on the Brandywine. He first tried Ridley Creek Park before learning the county parks are closed.


Photo of the Week: Red Clay Blue

The Red Clay Creek flows gently through Kennett Township toward Hockessin in Delaware on a clear but chilly morning.


Photo of the Week: Faces

How many?


Photo of the Week: Quarry Falls

Water spills over a fall at Hanson Aggregates along Stoney Bank and Old Forge roads in Thornbury Township, Delaware County.


Photo of the Week: Smokin’ No More

The backside of an old smokehouse is in ruins behind the Trimble House adjacent to the Newlin Grist Mill property in Concord Township. Tony Shahan, Newlin’s executive director, believes the old smokehouse was likely a brewhouse considering its location to the Trimble House and the fact that beer was considered food for mill workers.


Photo of the Week: Rundown

A rundown old farm building evokes feelings of foreboding.


Photo of the Week: Days of Yore

Old farm equipment sits idle amid overgrowth outside an unkempt barn.


Photo of the Week: After the Deluge

A footbridge spans a calm stream a day after heavy rain at Alapocas Woods in Wilmington.