Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Head and Demon Roots

The stone head is still while the demon roots snarl.


Photo of the Week: Summer Afternoon

An inviting scene. Sunlight filters through a canopy of green onto Chester Creek near the Newlin Grist Mill Park. It’s Act 1 for the summer of 2020.


Photo of the Week: Gentle Drift

After a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday, a group of tubers takes to the water for a gentle drift down the Brandywine on a Saturday morning.


Photo of the Week: Rough Edges

A dead and broken tree shows its rough texture against the backdrop of some lush greenery.


Photo of the Week: Knots & Shadow

Knots and shadows seem to create a face on the trunk the big sycamore tree next to the Gilpin at the Brandywine Battlefield Park. It’s believed the tree dates back to 1787 when the Constitution was written.


Photo of the Week: Flap Jacks

Probably not a breakfast of champions.


Photo of the Week: Up and Over

An observation platform along the boardwalk and over a stream between the Chadds Ford Historical Society Brandywine Creek is surrounded by lush growth the resulted from frequent rain this spring.


Photo of the Week: Meditation

A touch of serenity in Kennett Square, with a 30-second respite.


Photo of the Week: Sunshine and Blossoms

While the weather hasn't been the best these past six weeks, a few days have shown a promise of improvement.


Photo of the Week: Sunny Spring Morning

The Red Clay Creek flows passed fresh greenery and budding trees along the Pennsylvania/Delaware border.


Photo of the Week: Tadpole Hunters

Young members of the Hufnal family of Kennett Square look for tadpoles in a stream at Anson Nixon Park on a sunny afternoon. While mom keeps an eye on the kids, Bullen keeps an eye out for strangers.