Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Toasty Ruins

Toasty Ruins

An old stone barn is a testament to the destructive nature of fire, along with the durability of stone, in Birmingham Township.


Photo of the Week: No Gator

At a quick glance, a small log covered with mud and swamp grass looks like an alligator head.


Photo of the Week: Calm and Rush

The Brandywine Creek is calm before it reaches the rocks beneath Route 1, then it rushes through.


Photo of the Week: A Touch of Whimsy

Hello? Anybody there?


Photo of the Week: Speakman’s Bridge

A covered bridge over Buck Run near Route 82 in snow makes for a classic Chester County image.


Photo of the Week: A Gentle Thaw

Buck Run, a tributary of the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek, meanders through a snow-covered field in West Marlborough Township.


Photo of the Week: Groundhog’s Morning

Winter dips its frigid finger into the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Bone Cold

There are still two more months of winter before spring.


Photo of the Week: Lookin’ Chilly

Denuded trees and a touch of snow make for a chilly-looking weekend.


Photo of the Week: Baldwin’s Book Barn

While not a motel, Baldwin's Book Barn still leaves the light on for you.


Photo of the Week: Water Colors

Visitors to Longwood Garden watch the Christmas fountain display during the final week of Longwood's annual Longwood Christmas.