Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Railbird

Bird on a post seems to be watching the world with intense curiosity.


Photo of the Week: Hawk Boy in Spring

Boy with Hawk, the sculpture by Charles Park at the entrance to the Brandywine River Museum, is punctuated by spring greenery.


Photo of the Week: Elf House

Looks like the elves need a new tree to call home.


Photo of the Week: Backlight and Shadow

Late day sun backlights and sidelights the grasses and other foliage as seen from a deep shadow area.


Photo of the week: Eyes at Midnight

Patterns in the stonework appear as eyes and maybe a face or two at an outdoor dining area.


Photo of the Week: Lost in Time

An empty old house with a smiling face.


Photo of the Week: View from Above

Vultures keep an eye out for roadkill — or any other possible source of food — along Route 926 in Westown Township.  


Photo of the Week: East Side

A small run cuts through a property on the east side of Creek Road.


Photo of the Week: Tangled Textures

Exposed roots, weathered from rain, wind and sun, show a tangle of twisted textures along with, maybe, a scaly talon.


Photo of the Week: Toasty Ruins

An old stone barn is a testament to the destructive nature of fire, along with the durability of stone, in Birmingham Township.


Photo of the Week: No Gator

At a quick glance, a small log covered with mud and swamp grass looks like an alligator head.