Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Egret Ascending

With a fast flap of wings, the egret launches itself into the air.


Photo of the Week: Down on the Farm

A quiet but bright sunny morning at Kuerner Farm.


Photo of the Week: Swamp Thing

At a quick glance, a piece of log looks as if it’s something that crept out of a 1950s-style monster movie. The Swamp Thing of Chadds Ford.


Photo of the Week: Family Portrait

Mom and dad take the kids out for a swim. The down on the goslings is so fuzzy the little ones almost look out of focus.


Photo of the Week: Lookin’ for Lunch

An egret stalks the bank looking for a mid-day meal.


Photo of the Week: Zip-a-dee Doodah

A zipliner enjoys his trip over Lums Pond.


Photo of the Week: Shaded Bench

Early evening sun lights the fire in the leaves that shade the bench.


Photo of the Week: Colors of the Season

Reds and greens spring to life under warm and sunny skies.


Photo of the Week: Lunch with the Girls

A small herd of cattle enjoys a spring graze in Pocopson Township.


Photo of the Week: Leave it to Beaver

Beavers gnaw a tree until it falls next to Creek Road in Chadds Ford Township. Some of the residents say beaver activity is causing the water to rise in the swampy area between the road and Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Anson’s Footbridge

A footbridge looks crisp and clean over part of the Red Clay Creek at Anson Nixon Park in Kennett Square