Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Turtle Yoga

Turtles stretch out and catch some rays during one of the last warm days of early autumn.


Photo of the Week: Big Bales

Hay bales on a trailer evoke a parody of Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary.” Big bales keep on rollin’.


Photo of the Week: Portrait in Blue

A blue heron stands like a proud lord of the manor observing his watery domain. Or maybe it’s just looking for a good fishing spot.


Photo of the Week: Walking the Plank

An egret looks like a drunken sailor about to go over the deep end.


Photo of the Week: Late Summer

Leaves on the trees at Anson Nixon Park are beginning to show the change from late summer to early autumn.


Photo of the Week: Gentle Waters

Sailors and kayakers enjoy the last weeks of summer during a warm but mild sunny afternoon on the lake at Marsh Creek State Park.


Photo of the Week: Brandywine Bayou

While Hurricane Ida played havoc on travel and damaged property and businesses, beauty can still be found in nature. Here, the storm turns a piece of flat ground along the railroad tracks in Pennsbury Township into a virtual bayou.


Photo of the Week: Silver Lining

It's said that clouds have a silver lining. This one has a ling that makes it look a little like Woody the Woodpecker.


Photo of the Week: Shhh

An egret stalks cautiously then pauses and waits.


Photo of the Week: Cones on the Pine

Young pinecones hang out on a limb before they drop.


Photo of the Week: Botany of the Brandywine

Purple summer phlox punctuate the earth tones along the banks of the Brandywine.