Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Go Birds

Eagles fever is alive and well. Go Birds!


Photo of the Week: No Trespassing

The old house at the corner of Ridge and Heyburn roads in Chadds Ford Township needs a little work, to say the least. It's been abandoned for years.


Photo of the Week: Keeping the Books

A colonial style work station, slightly anachronistic, at the Chadds Ford Historical Society’s Barns-Brinton House.


Photo of the Week: The Masked Man

The horse on the right appears to be tugging on the mask of another horse. It likely never heard Jim Croce sing about not pulling the Lone Ranger's mask.


Photo of the Week: Soon

Looking ahead to warmer days.


Photo of the Week: Fairville Fog

Trees in a field off of Fairville Road lose their clarity in thick fog on Saturday morning.


Photo of the Week: Winter Arrives

Welcome to winter. Icicles hang from deadfall along the rock dam on the Brandywine Creek beneath Route 1.


Photo of the Week: Bright Sky

After what felt like an eternity of clouds and rain, the sun finally makes an appearance to brighten up Saturday.


Photo of the Week: Red Sunset

A robust and vibrant sunset after days of rain near Northbrook. Submitted by Jeannette Lindvig of Pocopson Township.


Photo of the Week: On Watch

One horse seems to be standing watch while another eats.


Photo of the Week: The Big Scoop

A broken tree limb hangs down and appears as if it’s ready to scoop up a large flat rock.