Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Standing Goose

A goose surveys its surroundings along the Brandywine Creek from its rock perch.


Photo of the Week: Yard Art

Rollers once used in pulp preparation are turned into industrial yard art at the old NVF facility in Yorklyn.


Photo of the Week: Bobbing for Brunch

Ducks look for food in the Brandywine Creek on a late Sunday morning.


Photo of the Week: ‘Knoty’ Old Man

Knots and bark texture give character to a tree.


Photo of the Week: A Day at the Pond

Two egrets keep their distance while looking for food in a pond.


Photo of the Week: Campers’ Feast

It’s not a shrimp on the barbie but Mike Dehaut, aka “Mr. D,” the camp director at Brandywine Battlefield Park History Camp, throws some corn on the grill during the weekly lunch at the camp. There was turkey, duck, rabbit, ham, beef, string beans, beets, squash, a variety of fruits and a traditional dish of sausage, onion and apple called bubble and squeak.


Photo of the Week: Trickling Through

A run trickles through a shady area on a Chadds Ford property.


Photo of the Week: The Sleeping Stone

Shadow and light on rock and roots create interesting patterns.


Photo of the Week: A Chorus Line

A flight of butterflies lands and takes a stroll near the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Nature’s Way

A flowing Brandywine Creek continues to cause erosion and exposes more of a tree's root system — as well as a flat-rock seat — near the Brandywine River Museum of Art.


Photo of the Week: Summer Cruise

The Brandywine Creek is the place to be on a hot summer morning.