Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Chilly Spring Dip

Geese in West Marlborough Township take to a pond on a cold April afternoon.


Photo of the Week: Archie’s Remains

The ruins of the old Bullock Octagonal School House, and later a church, sit silently at the corner of Bullock and Ring roads in Chadds Ford Township. The school house was built in 1838, sold in 1875 and turned into a church after being purchased by Lydia A. Archie 1891. The site is known as Archie's Corner.


Photo of the Week: End of Day

A wheelbarrow is left in a field as the sun begins to set on a chilly day.


Photo of the Week: Reyburn’s Tavern

The former Reyburn's Tavern sits neglected along Route 1 in Pennsbury Township.


Photo of the Week: March Madness

This month's weather seems to have multiple personality disorder. Weather in the Brandywine Valley went from a sunny, spring-like 60 degrees on Thursday to a breezy and snowy Friday.  


Photo of the Week: Golden Road

A foot bridge spans Harvey Run in Chadds Ford Township. The bridge, one of two, will be part of The Harvey Run Trail, which is scheduled  to open officially on April 29.


Photo of the Week: February Falls

Blue skies and bright sunshine illuminate the bare winter landscape along Beaver Dam Road.


Photo of the Week: February Bailout

Hay bails chill out under mid-February sunshine.


Photo of the Week: Granogue in Winter

The duPont estate on the Delaware/Chadds Ford border after a light snowfall.


Photo of the Week: Clouds at Sunset

A touch of evening sky fire underlines the clouds of a cold blue winter’s dusk.


Photo of the Week: A Sunny Brunch

After a week of gray skies, horses get to graze in sunshine on a pasture in Pennsbury Township.