Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: The Gilpin House

The Gilpin House

The Gilpin House at the Brandywine Battlefield Park on a proper spring day. Cards of this image and other images are available from Barbara Moore Fine Art. Click here to see the collection.


Photo of the Week: George Was Here

Gen. George Washington used the Ring House, the home of the Benjamin Ring Family, as his headquarters the night before the 1777 Battle of Brandywine. Fire destroyed the original structure in 1931, but a replacement was built in 1949 and ’50. The rebuilt structure stands at the Brandywine Battlefield Park on Route 1 in Chadds Ford Township.


Nature’s Palette

Nature’s myriad colors may be found even on the gloomiest of gray days.


Photo of the Week: Serpentine Sycamore

Sometimes color provides too much information and makes it commonplace. Stripping the color out of an image can make it stand out.


Photo of the Week: Water Wheel at Stone Barn

A sunny 70º day in February brings out the colorful spirit.


Photo of the Week: The Old Mill’s Stream

A stream runs past an old hydroelectric mill on Fairville Road. Built by the General Electric Co. in 1919, the generator at the mill provided electricity for the Dawson Family home in post-WWI Pennsbury Township. By the 1930s, though, the generator was no longer needed.  


Photo of the Week: Ice Man

Ice buildup on a plant branch forms what could be an extra-terrestrial face.


Photo of the Week: Geese in a Row

A group of geese becomes a plump when on water. In Anson Nixon Park, this plump forms a free-form flotilla with all the effort below the surface.


Photo of the Week: Boing

Spring-loaded tree limbs. Just for fun.


Photo of the Week: Fangs

Biting cold temperatures create fang-like icicles on the underside of a downed tree along the Brandywine Creek by the Route 1 overpass in Chadds Ford. It’s two months until spring, but only three-and-a-half weeks until baseball spring training.


Photo of the Week: Circling the Center

A sunny but cold Sunday evokes a classic image.