Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Zoom


A heron darts along the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Swingin’ at ChesLen

The creek is for fun, especially if there's a rope swing like the one at the ChesLen Preserve in Newlin Township.


Photo of the Week: Go Fish

Everybody enjoys a sun-drenched Sunday along the Brandywine.


Photo of the Week: Golden Mane

Horses stand tall and proud under the midday sun.


Photo of the Week: Guys & Dolls

As the song says, "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat."


Photo of the Week: Fat Chance

Fat Chance Farm along Route 82 in West Marlborough Township blends old and new, showing rolling hill horse country, an old style barn and PECO power lines.


Photo of the Week: Morning Cruise

A sea dog leads the way on a quiet, sunny day on the Brandywine before the rains returned.


Photo of the week: A Rare Day

A rare sunny Saturday, rare for this spring at least,  brings out the various textures of a split tree along the Brandywine Creek at the Stroud Preserve in East Bradford Township.


Photo of the Week:Star Gazer’s Stone

The Star gazer’s Stone, along Stargazer Road in Newlin Township, marks the site of the observatory where Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon began their observations of the night sky in the attempt to discern the actual boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1764, now known as the Mason-Dixon Line.  


Photo of the Week: Sunny Falls

The sun shines after a week of rain. The result of that rain can be seen gushing down a waterfall on the border of West Marlborough and East Fallowfield townships.


Photo of the Week: Preparation

A member of the Wilmington Trail Club waits for other members of the club before putting their kayaks into the Brandywine Creek on a gray Saturday morning.