Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: A Touch of Mayberry

Youngsters spend the first few hours of autumn fishing at Anson Nix park.

Youngsters spend the first moments of autumn fishing at Anson Nixon Park.


Photo of the Week: Guard Duty

A duck seems to be standing lifeguard duty on the shore of a pond in Kennett Square.


Photo of the Week: Textures

A storm damaged tree limb, looking almost like an alien creature, adds its own texture to a scene along the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: Crisp Morning

Sunlight filters through the tree cover on a cooler and less humid morning.


Photo of the Week: Stand Tall

Sunflowers stand well over 6 feet outside the Barn Shops on Route 1 in Chadds Ford Township.


Photo of the week: Gone

A scene along the Red Clay Trail in Kennett Square evokes thoughts of runaway kids or, what used to be called, hobos.


Photo of the Week: The Back Door

Imagine a shadow on a partially opened door, the shadow of a person in colonial garb. Or maybe there’s an imaginary echo of a peg-legged pirate tapping along the stairway carrying a barrel of grain for a long journey home. Or maybe it's gunpowder.


Photo of the week: Weighing In

Barrels stand ready to be weighed at the Newlin Grist Mill in Concord Township. Nathaniel Newlin built the mill in 1704. It remained in use as a grist mill until 1941. It will be the site of a traditional papermaking demonstration on Saturday, Aug. 12.


Photo of the Week: Glisten

Wet rocks glisten in the sun as if studded with precious metals and jewels.


Photo of the Week: Rest Stop

A butterfly takes a break from fluttering by.


Photo of the Week: A Day in the Country

Peace and quiet on a lazy afternoon.