Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Glisten

Glisten in the sun.

Wet rocks glisten in the sun as if studded with precious metals and jewels.


Photo of the Week: Rest Stop

A butterfly takes a break from fluttering by.


Photo of the Week: A Day in the Country

Peace and quiet on a lazy afternoon.


Photo of the Week: Rings of Fun

As was said in the hippie days of yore, “It’s so tubular man.”


Photo of the Week: A Bright Morning

A bee gets an early start on its nectar gathering on a bright, sunny morning.


Photo of the Week: Squid Tree 2017

A full canopy shields early summer grasses as they grow through the exposed roots of a tree along the Brandywine Creek. Continued natural erosion exposes more and more of the roots each year.


Photo of Week: A Run Along Time

A run trickles through a property on Webb Road in Chadds Ford Township, slowly eroding the area at the base of a tree over time.


Photo of the Week: Let’s Dance

Trees do some slow dancin’ and swayin’ to the music, at least in a Rorschach ink blot sort of way.


Photo of the Week: Big Sky Pennsbury

Horses graze under a deep blue sky studded with puffy white cumulus clouds.


Photo of the Week: Smith’s Bridge View

Sunshine and blue skies light up Brandywine Creek as seen through the openings of Smith’s Bridge.


Photo of the Week: Green

There's more to green than just one single color.