Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Boing

Spring-loaded tree limbs.

Spring-loaded tree limbs. Just for fun.


Photo of the Week: Fangs

Biting cold temperatures create fang-like icicles on the underside of a downed tree along the Brandywine Creek by the Route 1 overpass in Chadds Ford. It’s two months until spring, but only three-and-a-half weeks until baseball spring training.


Photo of the Week: Circling the Center

A sunny but cold Sunday evokes a classic image.


Photo of the Week: Winter Elegance

Winter might be harsh on the skin but it can be easy on the eyes.


Photo of the Week: Geese on Ice

Geese hang out on an ice flow after a sunrise swim in the Brandywine Creek.


Photo of the Week: At Home With History

The Gilpin House — in the Brandywine Battlefield Park in Chadds Ford — predates the War of Independence. The tree to the left has been there since at least the time the Constitution was written.


Photo of the Week: Airing Out

It's a bit too chilly to air out the cabin.


Photo of the Week: A Newlin Fall

Water falling from the Newlin Mill raceway drops amid strong fall colors.


Photo of the Week: Chadds Ford in Gray

Sometimes color provides too much information.


Color-filled fall

Autumn colors show their brilliance along the Brandywine Creek in Chadds Ford.


Photo of the Week: Sunny Sunday

Saturday rain gives way to a sunny Sunday morning along the Brandywine Creek.