20th / 21st Century Fine Art Auction

June 30, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

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Bunch Auctions is asking all clients to utilize remote bidding options for the June 30th Fine Art Auction. Bidding is available by absentee, by phone, or online with BunchLive, Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, and AuctionZip. While the live sale will continue as planned, out of an abundance of caution for our clients, we will not be hosting in-person bidding in our Chadds Ford salesroom.

Additionally, all preview activity will only take place through our online illustrated catalogs. We will not be open for in-person previews of sales until further notice. We ask for your patience and cooperation during these unusual and trying times.

Bunch Auctions is excited to bring to the market a treasure trove of cutting edge 20th/21st fine art from two unique estate collections. First we have the collection of Stephen Heighton, d 2010, the co-owner/operator/founder of several iconic queer hotspots in New York including Barracuda, Elmo, and Industry. He was also a prolific collector and curated several Manhattan gallery exhibitions of modern and emerging art. His collection is mostly American, with a smattering of European, as seen in the artist list below.

American Artists: (4) Aaron Romine, (8) Adam Stennett, Alex Blas, Alison Ruttan, (3) Andrew Schoultz, (4) Andy Cross, (2) Angela de Rosette, (5) Barnaby Whitfield, Broit, (2) Charles Browning, (3) Charles Roberts, Chris Hinkle, Christopher Norris, Denise Rubin, Dorothy Lake Gables, Eddie Martinez, Erik Thor Sandberg, (3) Iona Rozeal Brown, (3) J. Esposito, James Everett Stanley, James Gobel, (2) Jason Clay Lewis, Jeff Wyckoff, Jimmy Shack, (3) John Copeland, John Salvest, (3) Jon Elliot, Jonathan Ryan Harvey, (2) Joseph Ayers, Julie Heffernan, (2) Kim Dorland, Kris Knight, Laurie Hogan, (2) Leah Tinari, Magie Serpica, Mark DiSuvero, Masin, Maureen Cavanaugh, (5) Mike Cockrill, (2) Nick Cortese, (3) Nina Chanel Abney, (2) Paul Villinski, Peter Scott, Philip Knoll, (4) Randy Polumbo, (3) Richard Cuerden, Ridley Howard, (3) Robert Laughlin, (3) Skylar Fein, (4) Todd Hebert, (2) Wendell Gladstone, Wes Lang, Wittman.

European Artists: After Modigliani, After Salvador Dali, (2) Alex Kanevsky, (2) Cindy Wright

The 2nd collection is a unique worldwide collection with an emphasis on South Asian works, in particular by Pakistani artists, but including works by many other South Asian artists as listed below. The collection was assembled by Albert Lawrence Borden who traveled the world as a buyer in the textile industry. He lived all over the world including Brazil, Egypt, & Hong Kong, and was a frequent visitor to Pakistan.

20/21st C Pakistani Artists: (9) A R Nagori, (19) Abrar Ahmed, (5) Akram Dost, (3) Askari, Athar Jamal, Bashir Ahmed, Bimanesh Biswas, (3) Iqbal Durrani, (2) Iqbal Geoffrey, Jamal Shah, Laila Shahzada, Liaqet Ali, M Iqbal, M. F. Shahid Ahmed Zaki, (2) Manoor Rahi, (2) Mansur Aye), (2) Mansur Saleem, (2) Mashkoor Raza, Meerza Ali, (2) Meezan ur Rehman, (5) Moeen Faruqi, (3) Mussarat Mirza, (2) R Kumar, R M Naeem, Rooha Ghaznavi, (4) Tasadduq Sohail, Teriq Javed, (12) Unver Shafi Khan, (15) Wahab Jaffer.

Other Asian/European Artists: (4) Aya Uekawa, (11) (Iqbal Durrani, Shah Bano, Shakira Karim), (13) (Samiran Sarkar, Sharif, Samira Jahingir, Hossain, Moeen Faruqi, Atika), Islamic, Buddhist, Tibetan, Bimanesh Biswas, 20th-21st C Bangladesh, Dao Hai Phong, 20th C Vietnamese, George Keyt (Sri Lanka, 1901-1993), Ismail Gulgee (Indian, 1926-2007), Kamrul Hasan (Bengali, 1921-1988), (2) Katarina Monier, 20th C Asian, Masud Chowdhury, Bangladesh, Mohammed Imran Qureshi, Nilloufer Victorian & Preethi Hapuwatte, Sri Lanka, Olga Polunin (Singapore, b 1963), Sail Choyal (Indian, b 1945), Raja Segar (Sri Lanka, (4) Shail Choyal (Indian, b 1945), Seif Wanley (Egyptian, 1906-1979), Shehan Madawela (Sri Lanka, b 1960), (2) Stephan Delapree (French-Cambodian, b 1995), Yehan Wang, 20th-21st C Chinese, (2) Yufei Chen (Chinese, b 1962), Yunizar (Indonesian, b. 1971), Zhou Jin Hua (Chinese, b 1978), Alex Stewart, 20th C British, (3) Alexandre Zakharov (Ukrainian, b 1957), Chroni Kalliroy, 20th C Greek, (2) Pieter van der Westhuizen (Dutch, Vassilis Sperantzas (Greek, b 1938)

South American Artists: (3) Adelio Sarro (Brazilian, b 1950), (2) Aldemir Martins (Brazilian, 1922-2006), Beatriz Bong, 20th-21st C Brazilian, (2) Daniel Romero, 20th-21st C Mexican, Dominique Salvador (Ecuadoran, b 1983), (2) Inos Corradin (Italian-Brazilian, b 1929).





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