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12-18 inches of snow predicted for Chesco

****Update: Anticipated Timing: Snow starting Monday mainly after 11 p.m. Snow will continue during the day on Tuesday.  Snow is forecasted mainly before 7 pm on Tuesday and will taper off Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Hazards with this storm include accumulating snow, coastal flooding, and strong winds. At the current time we are forecasting 12-18 inches of snow ...


Photo of the Week: March Madness

This month's weather seems to have multiple personality disorder. Weather in the Brandywine Valley went from a sunny, spring-like 60 degrees on Thursday to a breezy and snowy Friday.  


Mind Matters: Stress in America

A front page headline in the Boston Globe proclaims that the “newest topic of the therapist couch conversation” is politics. Since the election, says the Globe, mental health professionals have experienced a rise in politically induced anxiety. Yes, I have just moved to “liberal” Massachusetts. So you might say, “Oh, that’s just happening there and nowhere else.” In ...