Possible challenger for 160th

Elizabeth Moro

While the primary election is still months away, at least one Democrat is hoping for a chance to run against state Rep. Craig Williams, R-160. Elizabeth Moro, of Pennsbury, has announced her bid for the Democratic Party nomination.

“Craig Williams has been a representative of this district for a short time, and yet I do not feel he represents the beliefs of this district in what he chooses to support,” Moro said in a brief email exchange with Chadds Ford Live. “His recent ad in his attempt to run for Attorney General is just another power grab and is completely fear-based. With the U.S. Supreme Court handing powers back to the states, it is important to have leaders who will work to build democracy and move us forward. I do not believe Craig Williams is interested in that.”

Williams could not be reached for comment.

Moro sought the Democratic Party’s nomination for U.S. rep of the 6th Congressional District in 2018 but lost to Chrissy Houlihan. However, she has stayed active in the community.

“I have been working in my community on many fronts--to help save Crebilly Farm…I am dedicated to creating opportunities for people to come together…Communities work when people are connected to one another and work for things together. My background is in public policy and political science, and this is a time for all leaders to do what they can to preserve our democracy and strengthen our communities,” she said in the exchange.

In a press release she said: “In our time, we have a duty to protect our democracy, civil rights, and women’s rights. We must stand together to defend the Constitution and the values that build our communities. Legislation that takes away our voice and votes proposed at our state level goes against those values, and we must move forward, not backward. The next generation is looking to us to preserve our liberties, our environment, and the ability to access the American Dream for all.”

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  1. tencat

    All the best to Elizabeth Moro. We need someone who truly represents us and will act in a way to improve our lives by the legislation she supports and sponsors. Reactionaries, such Craig Williams and his ilk, have no place in government.

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