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Birmingham considers zoning code changes

Birmingham Township supervisors continue their work on amending a portion of the township’s zoning code dealing with historic preservation. Supervisors’ Vice Chairman Mike Shiring said the Board of Supervisors, the Historical Commission, and the township solicitor have been working on it since last June and there’s still more to do. Shiring, who presided over the ...


Blogging Along the Brandywine: ‘Beer for my horses’

OK my friends, let’s sing along with Toby Keith and Willie Nelson. “And we’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing …whisky for my men…Beer for my horses!” I actually did give a can of beer to my crazy Anglo-Arab mount, a flashy show ring hunter, back in the day — and he liked it. Beer is made from grain, so why not? But I digress. A certain beer has ...


Photo of the Week: For Otis

This image brings to mind the Otis Redding tune “Dock of the Bay."