Boost Your Business: Using Facebook

We are always looking for ways to get in front of our potential customers. Though there are many successful strategies that can be used, we should discuss Facebook and its relevance in 2022.

It seems that some people are more interested in Instagram and TikTok, but there are still a lot of people that use Facebook and get impressive advertising results.  No one can predict the future, but I think Facebook is here to stay and will continue to do well within business communities.

We all know Facebook pretty well at this point, and as the world’s most famous social network, its mobile app can be found on more than two billion users’ devices.

2022 Facebook Statistics

  • More than 2 billion active monthly Facebook users, which makes it the biggest social media platform in the world
  • More than 1 billion active daily users on the app
  • Approximately 80 percent of small business owners use Facebook for marketing
  • 15 percent of people on Facebook use the app to shop
  • Users watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day
  • 52 percent of adults in the U.S. use Facebook for getting news
  • There are 90 million business pages, and 140 million brands use Facebook every month
  • 85 percent of American brands have used Facebook to market a product
  • More than 7 million marketers are on Facebook

Set up a Facebook page for your business.

If your business does not already have a Facebook page set up, you might want to do so immediately! If your business has a designated Facebook page, your clients and customers will be able to leave meaningful comments on your wall, message you, and share your work with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Post insightful content on your wall.

Clients and prospects do not want to waste their time on fluff. Post items that will add substance to your Facebook page instead of flooding your page with cute pictures and inspiring quotes.

Anyone can advertise on Facebook

The most significant advantage of using Facebook for promotion is that the platform is open to everyone. Regardless of your company size, goal, and budget, the network allows everyone to advertise their work on its platform.

Boost your posts to grow your audience

Boosted Facebook posts work by paying to increase the exposure of a post. Boosted Facebook posts look like any other post: they live on your page and appear in your desired audience’s newsfeed. The key difference between a regular post and a boosted post is that the boosted post will allow you to target specific audiences.

Make sure that your boosted post has a great image, a clear call to action, and leads back to your website.

Target the right audiences

It’s not considered good practice to bombard everyone with sales collateral. Just imagine how you would react if a brand spams you with unlimited promotional material through email and direct messages. Similarly, this would irritate your recipients and send your marketing efforts down the drain.

However, with Facebook, you can target the right audience — people who are actually interested in buying your product or service.

The platform boasts a massive database. It stores detailed information about each user, including basic data about gender or age and more detailed demographics like shopping interests or geographical proximity.  So, instead of showing your ads to everyone, you can use these information analytics to “micro-target” the right people.

Set up ads to reach your unique business goals

Facebook allows you to define the marketing objectives that best serve your business goals. This ensures that you are advertising your brand smartly. It also helps keep track of your goals and determines whether you succeed in achieving them.

Some of the primary advertising objectives that Facebook offers are:

Brand awareness: This objective allows you to create awareness about your business. You can target people who will most probably be interested in your brand.

Lead generation: Helps garner lead information from people interested in your business.

Conversions: This allows you to push people to perform beneficial activities like form fill-outs and downloads from your shopping site or brand app.

Decide your own budget

While some advertising mediums can be costly, Facebook advertising is relatively affordable. When you choose your ad's objectives, you can set up a budget.  You can also set a spending limit.

Call to action button

Using Facebook’s call to action button, you can direct people to any online page: your website, landing page, or another social media profile.

Research shows that the posts and ads with the call to action are more effective than plain text.

“LIKE” other business pages as your business page

Just like personal pages liking a business, you should like them from your business page.  Another business seeing that you “liked” them encourages them to visit your page and liking it too.

When you’ve liked the pages you want with your business page, you’ll start to see their posts in your business page news feed.  You can comment on their posts as your business and share information they’d find beneficial.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live can be used by anyone. For companies that have limited marketing budgets, this can prove to be an excellent marketing channel as Facebook users are known to watch videos daily. It is also a fact that live videos are ranked higher in news feeds, giving them optimal exposure.

Video Still Rules

Video accounts for approximately 82% of internet traffic. The fact that different types of videos continue to emerge allows companies to cater to different types of audiences.

The popularity of videos as a marketing tool can be proven by the fact that Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than images.


Facebook has yet to outgrow its usefulness to businesses. In fact, it was an important channel for businesses to interact with customers and prospects when the COVID-19 outbreak happened.

Tools like Facebook Live and Stories will likely emerge as popular and effective marketing tools as they are free to use. Given all these marketing trends, the prospect of your business benefiting from Facebook is quite high.

About Maria Novak Dugan

Maria L. Novak Dugan is president of Marketing Solutions & Business Development, a firm in West Chester, PA, offering creative marketing services and goal implementation for small & medium sized businesses. For more information, contact Maria at 610-405-0633 or or visit She has more than 20 years experience in the Marketing & Sales Industry...13 of those as the sole Sales Representative for a Pennsylvania payroll company growing their client base by over 500 percent. Maria Novak Dugan is a member of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Latino Luncheon Group of West Chester, Neighbors in Business of the Glen Mills Area, News4Women, and The Associated Press. She is also the former Managing Director of the Delaware Chapter of eWomenNetwork. Creating, developing, and conducting this division of a national organization strengthened her knowledge of networking, event planning, fundraising, and small-business development.

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