Hank’s staying afloat on wheels

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Anthony and Katie Young man the food trailer they’re using until Hank’s Place can be rebuilt.

There was a line out in front of Hank’s Place Sunday. However, it wasn’t the typically long line of people waiting to get inside for Sunday brunch. Instead, it was more like a handful of people waiting to order at the temporary food trailer parked in front of the iconic Chadds Ford eatery on Route 1 at Creek Road. The restaurant building remains unusable after…

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Adopt-a-Pet Dec. 13

The following animals are ready to be adopted from the Brandywine Valley SPCA in West Chester. Marshmello Looking for a second dog? Just like her name, Marshmello has a sweet, bouncy playstyle and is super gentle towards the other dogs. This fluffy fur kid looks forward to meeting your family and any pups in the home prior to saying yes to furever. You can adopt…

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