Route 1 work continues

It’s been a frustrating few months for motorists driving along Route 1 through Chadds Ford Township — and the frustration will continue into December. After a winter break, frustration will be back for a little while.

There are two aspects to the work. First is the continued repairing of the bridge over the Brandywine Creek, and the second is preparation for repaving of the road from the bridge to Route 202 in Chadds Ford and then to Route 322 in Concord Township.

Work on the bridge began in June after an inspection showed deterioration of the concrete support pedestals. As a result, the right lanes in both directions have been closed. They will reopen sometime in October when the left lanes will close until sometime in December.

While the support pedestals have been repaired, the contractor is now working to replace the expansion dams between the bridge and the approach roadway, according to PennDOT spokesman Brad Rudolph.

The rest of the construction — from the creek to 202 and beyond — is for the planned repaving of Route 1. Work along that stretch consists of cutting and patching, also into December. But then work will stop until spring when temperatures warm enough to allow the paving material to set properly.

“Paving season restrictions will prevent us from paving this area in December,” Rudolph said.

He added that the concrete median barrier would remain. Any work on the barrier would be limited to repairing or replacing the attenuators that protect the ends of the median.

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