For 11th-hour Halloween costume, get boxed in

Stumped for a last-minute Halloween costume? Two Men and a Truck, an area moving company, is urging people to think inside the box.

A cardboard box offers lots of Halloween costume ideas, says a local moving company.
A cardboard box offers lots of Halloween costume ideas, says a local moving company.

Any home that has an old cardboard box in the basement or garage from that new electronic or appliance, has the making of a unique, inexpensive “boxtume,” according to a company press release. For skeptics, the company is providing directions for one of its favorites: a box of popcorn.

Start with a medium or large-size box. Cut the top and the top of the flaps off evenly. Be sure to save one flap to make the popcorn logo.

Assemble four pieces of red poster board. You can use a hot glue gun or white duct tape to adhere the poster board to the sides of the box. We used white duct tape. We started each side off with red poster board and four paper clips, two on the top and two on the bottom to secure the poster board while making the stripes. We cut strips of white duct tape, leaving them longer to fold over to the inside of the box to make the poster board stick. Complete that on all three sides.

You can use a computer to print out the popcorn logo. Take the flap of the box you saved and cut it into a circle. This will be the logo of the popcorn box. We opened a Word document and typed, “popcorn” with a large font. We found a cartoon popcorn clip art image and printed that out with the letters. We cut out each letter individually to make the word curved. Tape or glue the letters onto the cardboard circle. We made “donuts” with the tape and stuck the logo on the finished box.

Crumble yellow tissue paper to make popcorn. Tape, staple or glue the popcorn to the top of the box.

Use an inexpensive jump rope, red and white ones work well, to make straps that will make the box stay up. Take out the knots at both ends of the jump rope and slide the plastic handle off. Fasten each end of the rope to the front and back of the box, to be able to sit on each shoulder of the person wearing the costume. You can either use hot glue to fasten them, or a hefty amount of duct tape.

Then get ready to generate compliments for your clever costume.



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