CF considers new tax

Chadds Ford Township supervisors are considering a new tax to help Concordville Fire & Protective Assn. That possible new tax is now included in the proposed budget that can be found on the township website.

The tax, recommended by township treasurer Laura Lim, would be for 0.11 mils, and amount to $102,300 for the year. She said the tax would mean about a $55 increase in taxes on a property assessed at $500,000. Supervisor Noelle Barbone said that would be about to $4.58 per month.

The township had been giving the fire company $65,000 per year, but the fire company had asked for $189,000. However, fire company President Lee Weersing said after the meeting, “This is a win for both of us. We get more than $100,000 and the township can put the $65,000 back into the general fund.”

Other millage rates include 0.352 mils for the general fund, 0.0072 mils for Rachel Kohl Library, 0.166 mils for open space, and 0.067 mils in fire hydrant zones. (A mil is a tax of $1 for every $1,000 of assessed property value.)

The $102,300 for the fire company is part of the total $471,520 anticipated property tax revenue. Total revenue from all sources is estimated at $1,319,510, the same as the total anticipated expenditures.

Supervisors Chairman Samantha Reiner said a vote on the budget would be at the Dec. 6 regular meeting.

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