DA: ‘We will find him’

During a press conference regarding the escaped convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said, “We will find him.” Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison on Thursday, Aug. 31, a week after he was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend. He was seen on a home security video in the area of Lenape Road and Waterglen Drive at about…

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Ann Lowe: American Couturier at Winterthur

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Wedding dresses by Anne Lowe.

For decades, Ann Lowe was the go-to designer for the most selective members of high society. Her dresses were worn to debutante balls, weddings, and galas throughout the country by women named Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Du Pont, and Kennedy. In 1964, she was referred to as “Society’s Best-Kept Secret” by the Saturday Evening Post. However, her name has largely been left out of the annals of…

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