Radley Run CC wants to build

Radley Run Country Club in Birmingham Township wants to do some expanding within its property. The club is looking to construct a new 8,000 square foot building and add 50 new parking spaces. But there will be no decision on the matter from the township Board of Supervisors before December.

The new building would be two stories high with 4,000 square feet per floor, and be situated across from the current clubhouse, according to Kurt Hutter, who is on Radley’s Board of Governors and is the project manager.

Supervisors expressed little concern about adding the new building except that the applicant would need to go before the Nov. 23 Historical Commission meeting with a landscape plan. What did concern supervisors was parking.

During a lengthy back and forth discussion, Hutter said there are currently 185 parking spaces in a total of six parking areas. Adding 50 brings the total to 235, but Hutter added that the club has an area that would hold another 59 spaces. However, that area would be held in reserve and only turned into a parking area if needed.

The discussion kept going back to how the club would know when that might be necessary. Finally, supervisors’ Chairman Scott Boorse posed a hypothetical situation. He asked what would happen if there was a large 200-person wedding event on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the summer when the golf course, tennis courts, and pool are full.

The new building could seat more than 500 people, and Boorse also wanted to know whether there would be valet parking and when that might be used.

Hutter said that was all speculative at this point. Attorney Lou Colagreco, representing Radley Run, suggested the applicant return later with a fixed number or percentage of occupancy to indicate the need for valet parking.

As for the potential of 59 more parking spaces, Hutter said that area is currently green space, and turning it into a parking area would remove the green and add paving.

The applicant is expected to go back to the supervisors on Dec. 6.

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