St. Cornelius starts vegetable garden

After the previous pandemic year, we cannot imagine a better way to kick off this spring than with a new start, and isn’t that what a vegetable garden is? The promise of new growth, hope, and something better.  Well, we have committed to something better — our vision of a vegetable garden that can feed our brothers and sisters in need.

A new vegetable garden at St. Cornelius Church in Chadds Ford Township.

We have drawn on the advice of a local expert farmer and have started the venture. The near one-acre garden lot has been measured and tilled and will soon have a fence to protect it from our friends in nature.  We will begin planting in early May and the vegetables will be shared with St. Agnes Dorothy Day Center and Catholic Social Services in Norristown throughout the summer.

Posted on the fence surrounding the garden, there will be plaques with symbols representing earth, water air, and fire with prayers of thanks from St. Francis of Assisi for God’s Creation. St. Francis referred to the four elements as our “brother” and “sister” that show the close relationship we have with nature and the environment.

Later in the spring, art projects created by the Religious Education families will depict our responsibility to be protectors of God’s handiwork. This project will emphasize how our faith is interconnected with all forms of life, integral with caring for the poor, who suffer the most from the current problems with our environment.

As the garden is planted and signs of the miracle of life occur, stop by to see the fruits of our labor.

Submitted by Msgr. David Diamond
Joan Holliday
JoEllen Munz


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