Good Neighbor ordinance considered in CF

Chadds Ford Township supervisors have been talking about a property maintenance ordinance for a while and it appears that the possibility is moving forward. The proposed Good Neighbor/Property Maintenance Code is now posted on the township website for public review.

According to the text of the proposed ordinance, the intention is to establish a property maintenance code "that adequately protects public health, safety and welfare" and includes "a variety of minimum level maintenance requirements for the exterior elements of all existing buildings…," which includes residential buildings.

Supervisors Frank Murphy and Samantha Reiner have said as recently as last week that the code is not intended to have inspectors enter private residences.

Maintenance requirements include keeping the exterior clean, safe, and in a sanitary and repaired condition "so as not to adversely affect the public health, or safety and not cause a blighting problem or adversely affect the quality and standards of safety of the surrounding area…"

The proposal also addresses sidewalks and driveways, as well as vegetation, specifically citing running bamboo. It also addresses pest infestations and inoperable motor vehicles and boats.

Supervisors were considering having a hearing and vote on Aug. 5 but, according to Township Manager Maryann Furlong, that may be pushed back;

“I’d say that the Board wants to be sure residents have a chance to review and submit comments before taking any action and might even want to wait for in-person public meetings to resume before considering adoption,” Furlong said in an email.


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