Entries accepted for mushroom cook-off

Blended mushroom recipes require ground mushrooms to be mixed with a protein. As a trendy meat extender, the mushrooms create a unique, flavorful combination for burgers, meatballs, tacos, stuffing, or even a Bolognese sauce. The 2018 Mushroom Festival Amateur Cook-Off will focus on blending mushrooms with grassfed beef or lamb. At the Cook-off all recipes will be made with the Australian grassfed beef or lamb of our partner True Aussie Beef and Lamb.

Enter your recipe now.  The First-Place winner will receive a $1500 cash prize, and a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championship in Orange Beach, Alabama, with pre-paid registration and a travel allowance ($1500 value) to compete in the Blended Mushroom recipe category.

All Finalists will receive a $100, a $250 Gift Card and Party Pack from True Aussie Beef and Lamb and a Kitchen Aid 3.5-Cup One-Touch 2-Speed Chopper with Extra Bowl.

There is also a special Challenge Butter prize of $250 for the Best Use of Chal­lenge Butter with Mushrooms.

The challenge for the 2018 is to develop a creative, flavorful and unique recipe that features the mushrooms that are commercially grown in Kennett Square (button, crimini, portabella, oyster, maitake, and/or shiitake) blended with grassfed beef and/or lamb.

From all the entries submitted, six finalists will be selected to prepare their recipes in the Mushroom Festival's Special Events Tent on Saturday, September 8 at 10:30 am.

Rules, regulations and the application can be downloaded for the Mushroom Festival’s Amateur Mushroom Cook-Off online at mushroomfestival.org, click on the Amateur Mushroom Cook-Off link on the home page.

The deadline to enter is midnight, July 6.

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