Bingham elected CCDC chair

Dick Bingham, of East Marlborough Township, was elected chairman of the Chester County Democratic Committee during a June 13 election. He said the goal is to the county “blue” on Nov.6  despite a 15,000 Republican voter registration edge.

New CCDC Leadership Team: Peltz, Bingham, Piccioni and Allen.

More than 340 newly elected Chester County Committee persons gathered at West Chester Stetson Middle School for the quadrennial reorganization meeting. Their task was to elect the next chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer along with the Audit Committee and Property Management Committee.

After a formal nomination process, speeches and voting, the winners are:

Chair - Dick Bingham of East Marlborough

Vice Chair - Marsha Peltz of Malvern

Secretary - Nick Allen of West Chester

Treasurer - MaryAnn Piccioni of Paoli

Audit Committee - Marianne  Johnson of West Chester, Mary McCracken of Wayne, Maria McCabe of Glenmoore

Property Management Committee - Jim Salvas of West Chester, Jim Bannan of Exton, Alan Yockey of Paoli, Linda Scott of West Chester

“I am proud to hand over my gavel to Dick,” said outgoing Chair Brian McGinnis in a press release. “It’s now off to November 6. Let’s win this!”

The Democrats said they’re poised for another win after 2017’s sweep of the four county row offices. Chrissy Houlahan, running for the 6th Congressional District seat, leads a long list of midterm election candidates, a majority of them women!

Bingham laid out his vision in his nominating speech. “Our goal is to help every one of our 228 precincts become a voter turnout powerhouse. Electing Democrats in Chester County will be the norm, never again the exception.”


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