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In almost any place you want to visit there is an escorted group going to that place. Will traveling with an escorted group work for you? Just as with independent travel, there are lots of variables to group travel but here are some pros and cons.

Group Pros: Efficient way to see a destination; points of interest are explored with guides; the trip itinerary is pre-arranged, hotels, transportation, sightseeing, guides; group travel is cost-effective; tour company handles luggage.

Group Cons: You move with the group at the pace set by group escort and itinerary; you may want to stay longer in one place; you will need to keep up with sightseeing guides; large group hotels; departure dates are set in advance and may not fit your schedule; group sizes may vary up to 45 people; limits to the amount of luggage and carry-ons.

Some other things you want to consider:

How much time is spent on the motorcoach each day? Can I get on and off the motorcoach safely? Is the motorcoach a kneeling bus? How many nights does the tour spend in each place? How many sightseeing tours are included in the itinerary? Can my dietary requirements be met by the meals included in the tour? How far can I walk comfortably on the sightseeing tours?

If you are satisfied with the answers to the questions and considerations listed above then maybe escorted group travel is for you.

Personally, I enjoy escorted group travel where I put myself in the hands of the capable tour director and just enjoy the trip. I don't have to plan every day; it's done for me by the tour company. And for me, that's a good thing.

Travel tip: talk to the tour guide before a sightseeing tour. Ask about the distance to be covered, any obstacles on the tour and where the tour will end. Then get the cell phone number of the guide. If you can't keep up with the tour, call/text and set up a meeting place and time for the end of the tour.

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