Interim vampires revel in Longwood darkness

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Longwood Garden's Silver Garden pulses with light and sound during Nightscape. The exhibit's creator says the monochromatic textures of the succulents served as an exciting canvas.

A self-acknowledged vampire – at least temporarily – captivated a capacity crowd at Longwood Gardens on Friday, Aug. 12. Ricardo Rivera, the creator of “Nightscape: A Light and Sound Experience,” debuted this year’s “Artist & Friends” series, a panel discussion designed to complement the innovative light and sound exhibit. He appeared with Thom Roland, a colleague at Klip Collective, a Philadelphia-based experiential art shop that…

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Rabbinic Reflections: Hatred’s cost

Hatred. Unbounded, chargeless, gratuitous is not costless. This kind of hatred has a name. In Hebrew, it is sinat chinam, literally “hatred that belongs to grace,” a hatred without rational basis, baseless hatred. Today offers a triple lesson in the need to fight against baseless hatred. We face significant issues today. Our social, political, and economic challenges breed real anger on both sides. Real anger,…

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