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Dueling Sunfish by Annie Strack

There is no better way to experience how creative, expansive, and bountiful the local art scene is than by visiting the County Studio Tour. The signs have sprung up throughout Chester County, directing visitors to more than 80 participating studios and galleries featuring over 200 artists. Now in its 13th year, the tour includes the most locations, artists, and pieces of art ever, ready to enchant visitors and collectors alike.

“Every year has been just as exciting as the first year,” Jeff Schaller, founder and coordinator of the Studio Tour, said. “Over the years I’ve really worked hard on making it easy for the community to visit studios and collect work.”

Pretty in Pink by Kim Hoechst

An exciting part of the tour is finding local artists that may not yet have a dedicated following. “I’m always excited to see new artists sharing their art and selling it to new collectors,” Schaller added.

Ocean Sunset by Meghan Bergman

One of the most popular parts of the tour is the County Collectors, 6 x 6-inch pieces of art made by every participating artist which sell for less than $100. They are a great way for new collectors to find pieces from local artists—but get there early, these pieces always go fast.

“Having grown up in Delaware and Chester County I have always been impressed by the density of local talent,” said Stephen Teichman, a former farrier who, after retiring from shoeing champion thoroughbreds, now focuses on art. “These counties are oozing with creativity!” He will be showing at Studio #73 this year, in Kennett Square.

Annie Strack has been participating in the tour for the past decade and watched the creative explosion in the area.

“The art scene in the Brandywine Valley seems to be growing larger every year with more events and opportunities being added,” she said.

Strack will be showing at Studio #69 along with five other artists. “This is a great location for art collectors as everything is at their fingertips, but it's also a wonderful location for artists of all levels, with opportunities for everyone from beginners and students to international professionals.”

Having the chance to connect personally with the artists, including seeing their studios and homes, is one of the best parts of the tour.

“Art feeds your soul in a different way than objects we buy in the store,” said Meghan Bergman. “I enjoy collecting artwork because it feels more rare and personal. There is a story behind every piece.” She will be showing at Studio #71 this year in Kennett Square.

From Mollie Allen

Some artists will be doing live demonstrations, from throwing pots to painting to jewelry-making.

“Everything in the Studio comes to a halt for a few minutes, and guests have described it as almost magical as a lump of mud is transformed into a functional form right before their eyes,” said Bergman.

These demonstrations are enchanting for visitors of all ages.

“After I had finished a demonstration of how I throw mugs, one of my youngest customers proudly pulled out a few crumpled bills from his pocket and purchased his first piece of original artwork for his collection," Berman said.

A work by Gregory Blue

“It's marvelous that people can come visit and see our studios, see paintings in progress, and hang out with the artists in a casual and relaxed atmosphere,” said Strack. Some studios provide light refreshments and drinks for visitors, encouraging them to stay for a while and meet other art lovers.

If you are new to the tour, check out the Find 5 tool on the County Studio Tour website. Just enter your address and you will be directed to the five closest Studios to your home, and even a suggestion for a place to get lunch while you are out! From there, grab a catalog to see which other Studios and artists you may want to visit during the weekend.

The weekend is the perfect chance to explore. “I hope visitors can drive around Chester County and see how beautiful it is along with how much creativity we have here,” Schaller said. “See how easy it is to live with art and how inspiring art can be.”

The Chester County Studio Tour is an annual event. This year, it will be Saturday, May 20, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, May 21, from 11 am to 5 p.m. There are over 80 Studios on the Tour, spread throughout Chester County. Guidebooks are available at participating Studios and businesses throughout the area. Plan your trip and find out more at

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