Guest Column: Understanding math gaps

With the beginning of school, I’d like to share information about learning math. What is a learning gap? A math learning gap refers to any math skill that a student should have previously mastered but didn’t. Examples of learning gaps include a fifth grader who didn’t learn what the numerator in a fraction means, or a tenth grader who doesn’t know when the commutative property…

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Chadds Ford Days are back

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Chadds Ford Days, the colonial fair, returns to the Chadds Ford Historical Society on Sept. 14 and 15.

It’s back like the Phoenix but with the great bird relying on its own roots for a comeback. It’s Chadds Ford Days, coming back to the Chadds Ford Historical Society on the weekend of Sept. 14 and 15 after a one year hiatus. The roots of Chadds Ford Days refer to the fact that the colonial fair began as, and should remain, a celebration of…

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Police Log Aug. 28: DUI, fraud, drug possession

Pennsylvania State Police • A traffic stop shortly before 7 p.m. in the 1200 block of Stockford Road, Pennsbury Township, on Aug. 20 led to the driver being taken into custody for DUI and drug possession. The driver’s name was not released in the report. A search of the vehicle revealed a marijuana smoking pipe. • Police are investigating a case of fraud and forgery…

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