Letter: Three reasons for Iacocca

There are three things that make Al Iacocca a stand-out person to be magisterial district judge: his law and court experience, his remarkable civic outreach in our community and his temperament.

Al has had not only a long-standing and ongoing experience as a criminal and civil lawyer for years doing all of the court representations for his clients that this entails, but he has been a trained mediator to resolve disputes between individuals and businesses, served as a Chester County arbitrator for the past five years and been admitted to the state Supreme Court Bar and the Federal District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania Bar.

He has gone far beyond that in the extensive creation of youth and adult community activities in our area. The Kennett Run came out of his involvement with Rotary Club and his board affiliation with Kennett Run Charities. He has been responsible for quality of life events: He became race director of the Run and won volunteer awards of significance because of his commitment and energetic work with kids in the YMCA. He also served as PTO vice-president and president at Hillendale Elementary School, is a pro-bono counsel, that he has been a long-time coach and sponsor of youth sports, and currently serves as Boy Scout leader of a local troop. Al has been a real civic presence here – working in leadership roles with youth of all ages and many adults.

Al is working and thinking or others — his family, his neighbors, his community above personal gain for himself. He obviously likes to forge ahead, take on challenges, but without arrogance.   He has the temperament to be a good judge because he cares enough to listen and to understand the problems of the many individuals he meets, and interacts with.

Mr. Iacocca is a known quantity with known integrity. Fair treatment and respect for others go a long way.

Al may not have spent the money to publicize his campaign as has his opponent, but it is to be hoped that the scope of his good deeds over the years in our community and his fine character will be appreciated by the many who know him. And translate into many votes this Tuesday.

Diana M. Rarig
Kennett Square
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