Letter: Donze gets my vote

As a 30-year resident of Pennsbury Township, licensed attorney and law professor, I would like to offer my perspective on the race for magisterial district judge for our community.

I have reviewed the legal credentials of both candidates and Jane Donze will get my vote.

This is a judicial position. Having tried and argued cases since 1983 and now as a law professor, I know firsthand that experience isn’t just important, it’s essential. Ms. Donze has been representing clients in our courts for over 3 decades and thus has the seasoned judgment and legal expertise required to serve our community in the most informed way possible — to listen to witnesses and apply the rule of law to the facts of the case in a thoughtful and practical manner as each case uniquely requires, both criminal and civil. Further, as a former prosecutor, public defender, and civil litigator, Ms. Donze’s experience is aligned with the important functions of a district judge.

There is no shortcut to wisdom and that’s what we need from our judges. Ms. Donze’s 30 years of vital legal experience represents more than a generation of legal service and equips her to serve our community as District Judge in the best possible manner.

To me, the choice is clear. I am voting for Jane Donze and respectfully urge my fellow citizens to do the same.

Paul L. Regan
Pennsbury Township
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