Groups save Beaver Valley

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Supporters of Save the Valley take a hayride at Ramsey's Farm in northern Delaware while celebrating their successful efforts.

The long trek to save Beaver Valley has come to the conclusion conservation groups had hoped for. A consortium of organizations succeeded in raising the needed money to keep the former Woodlawn Trustees tract from being turned into a large housing development. “We raised $8 million just in the nick of time and now 240 acres in Concord Township are on their way to being…

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Letter: Kudos on the trail

My heartiest and sincere congratulations to Chadds Ford Township, Debbie Reardon, and Ginny Logan's Brandywine Conservancy.  (I couldn't attend due to back difficulties and walking).   So much work by so many folks over so many years.  Congrats again! Bruce Prabel Chadds Ford Township

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Gala caps 50th anniversary celebration weekend

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Brandywine River Conservancy and Museum of Art celebrates 50 years

The more than 600 guests who came to the Brandywine Conservancy & River Museum’s “Frolic in the Garden” Gala Saturday evening might have thought they had somehow stepped into another dimension and arrived at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Stoney Bank Nurseries transformed the Museum courtyard into a floral delight with displays throughout. A billboard-sized image of Weymouth’s home, “The Big Bend,” graced one end of…

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Treating social anxiety disorder

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The Importance of Talk Therapy in Treating Social Anxiety Disorder

It’s not some form of extreme shyness or the result of an introverted personality. Social anxiety disorder severely limits the lives of sufferers, who live in fear of being judged in social or performance situations. People with social anxiety disorder often retreat into the perceived safety of living life alone, having few social or romantic relationships. It can leave them feeling like they have no…

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