Free Your Space: De-Clutter Countdown to A New Year

10! – De-clutter your family room by choosing 10 catalogues or magazines to recycle.

9! – Lighten up your bookshelves by selecting nine books to donate to your local library.

8! – Make room for your new holiday clothes.  Go through your closets and drawers to see what you still love and still fits, and remove eight articles of clothing to donate to your local Good Will Store.

7! – Unburden over-stuffed cupboards by removing seven old, broken or mis-matched mugs, glasses and plastic cups.

6! – Manage a messy “junk drawer” by recycling or tossing six items: old pens, dried up white out and unknown stray parts that have been there for too long.

5! – Streamline your pantry by removing five food items: throw out any food past its expiration date and find something you could donate to a church or local food bank.

4! – Freshen up your sock drawer.  Remove four pairs of socks that have holes, worn out elastic or that you no longer like to wear.

3! – Reduce bathroom clutter by discarding three toiletry items that are expired or used up.

2! – Clean up your jewelry case.  Find two pieces of broken jewelry, like mismatched earrings or broken chains, which you can discard or bring to repair.  

1! – Reclaim lost counter space in your kitchen by removing one large item that you do not use daily – a blender or cookie jar.  Store it away or donate it if you no longer need it.

Sail into 2013 with a clear deck and your eyes fixed on the horizon.

Happy New Year


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