Parker retiring as U-CF superintendent

Unionville Chadds Ford School District will begin the search for a new Superintendent in light of Dr. Sharon Parker’s April 25 school board meeting public announcement she is resigning. Parker said “I am not resigning to seek another position. I look forward to spending time with my sons and grandchildren and being able to have many good nights of sleep. I do not intend to be a lame duck and look forward to working through the many issues which we need to address. It’s time for all of us to work together at all times.”

During the resident comments meeting session, former school board member Kathy Brown of East Marlborough Township said, “The actions of ‘certain members’ of the school board, who are wannabe CFOs, was the reason for Sharon Parker’s resignation.” Brown also said, “Superintendent Parker put the interests of school children ahead of numbers and she was a true visionary.” Superintendent Parker’s resignation decision reminded Kathy Brown of a line from an old song, “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone” . . . [“Big Yellow Taxi” lyrics – Joni Mitchell].

Another public comment by Pennsbury Township resident Kathy Doe also resonated with the visibly moved and supportive audience. She said, “Doing what is best for the children, it shouldn’t be that hard. There are many people, including people in this room, who have made her job extraordinarily difficult – and you know who you are. Because of your efforts, we have lost a visionary.”

Several school board directors immediately responded to these resident comments. Dr. xPaul Price said, “The school board directors never suggested Sharon Parker should resign. In fact, they asked her to reconsider her decision.” School Board Director Dr. Corrine Sweeney said, “Parker served as both a personal and professional role model for her efforts to treat everyone with equal respect.”

Parker then said to the audience, “I was not pressured to resign and I look forward to working with all parties and my office is always open to anyone who would like to visit”.

The audience gave Parker a standing ovation in gratitude for her five years of service to the Unionville – Chadds Ford School District. The School Board Directors presented Parker with a blue sash with emblazoned gold letters, “Unionville-Chadds Ford School Superintendent”. School Board Director Frank Murphy then joked, “The Board will give you all the sashes you want if you will change your mind about resigning”

After the conclusion of the school board meeting, the School Board directors gave Parker a bouquet of flowers.

Parker commented after the close of the meeting thatthere is presently no definite effective date for her resignation. The date would be no sooner than June 30, or August 31, and perhaps she would stay on until a new Superintendent is hired.

Parker's letter is posted on the U-CF Website

Tension Rises with School Teacher Contract Negotiations

UCFSD Teachers Union President Pat Clark made public comments during the April 25 meeting. Clark said, “The School District webpage April 14 Negotiations Newsletter comments about the UCFEA negotiations and teacher continuing education courses are inaccurate and insulting. The union leadership did not take any questionable legal action by filing an action with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. The School Board April 14 newsletter comments regarding the legal actions taken by the teacher’s union are a matter of opinion and not factual.”

School Board Director Frank Murphy, who is a party to contract negotiations with the UCFEA teachers union, and Corinne Sweeney both vociferously defended the accuracy of the April 14 Newsletter.

May 2 School Budget Hearings Open to Public

U-CF School District residents are welcome to attend the 2011 – 2012 school budget hearings on Monday night, May 2, at 6:00 PM. If necessary, the public hearings will be extended to Tuesday night and Wednesday night, May 3 &4. The hearings will be held at the School District large meeting room located at Unionville High School.

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After 41 years of auditing large NYSE global corporations, former IRS Agent Jim Phreaner was looking for a project in retirement with fewer regulations and more people. He joined the staff at Chadds Ford Live more than a year ago. James Edward “Jim” Phreaner, 64, died suddenly in his Birmingham Township home on Dec.17, 2012. Jim was a devoted husband, son, father, friend, and neighbor.



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