Salvage Yard Opening at Brandywine View

May 20, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

We're opening the Salvage Yard- so mark your calendar for May 20th! 9AM the gates open!

We'll also have vendors on the front lawn and well be loaded with a serious ton of loot since we will just be getting back from Brimfield, Mass. You'll find Tracy Tayan Designs, Janet the Trunk Lady ( in case you need another trunk), Estate Randy, and more. And if you're hungry, we'll also be grilling the famous dogs. Back to the Salvage Yard. A shout out to our family and friends that help put the fence up, put the gates up, took down the trees, and planted grass.The dream in my head is starting to the meantime see you on the 20th to celebrate the opening. A portion of the proceeds that day will be supporting our favorite charity the SPCA.

FYI: don't forget the additional parking behind the shop...




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