Letter: Support the victims 

You may have read about the recent not-guilty verdict in the WCU sexual assault case in Chester County.  We are writing as this coverage, like most coverage of sexual assault cases, may have the unintended consequence of triggering victims/survivors of sexual violence.  For those victims/survivors who have either faced the same outcome or decided not to pursue a criminal case against their assailant, we would…

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Simple Lines, Complex Works: Armando Veve

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“Symbiosis in Cyberspace,” 2019, graphite on paper

Art passes our eyes more times a day than most of us realize. It is used to inspire, sell, distract, and convince. Sometimes it is easy to let it just wash over our consciousness, consume it without intent. That is one of the values of dedicated gallery spaces: the chance to experience art intentionally, carefully, thoughtfully. The Infinite Page: Drawings by Armando Veve at the…

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