Letter: Keep our ambulance service

Aa multi-municipal Fire Commission is about to take away the Kennett Fire Co. number 1 local ambulance service. Many of the voting members of this commission have never rode a fire truck, nor have many of them ever served as an EMT. They do not have the experience and knowledge to make this decision. Those who have decades of experience sit on the commission but do not have a vote. This is a mistake that will cost lives.

Recently, a young woman overdosed on heroin right across the street from my home in the heart of Kennett Square. Without the quick response of our local fire department/ambulance service, she would be another life lost to this scourge.

Part of what makes the borough so attractive, and its real estate so valuable is the amenities of the community: great schools, great YMCA, great parks, and the local police, fire and ambulance service we have come to rely on. That was one of the draws for us when we moved here 20 years ago. The borough is the most densely populated area in the region. We must have our ambulance service to keep our citizens safe and healthy.

I urge Borough Council to not fall for the false claims that closing our ambulance service will save the borough $200,000 per year. Council needs to listen to the seasoned fire and EMT staff and prevent this tragic mistake that will cost lives. We need to keep our local ambulance service as the borough continues to grow and add to its population. Please vote no to end local ambulance service.

Sally Warren
Kennett Square

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