Letter: Democrats better than Barrar

For the first time in my 32 years as a registered Democratic voter in Pennsylvania, we have a contested primary for a PA state legislator. Two candidates to choose from, both are light-years ahead of the current representative, Steve Barrar. Both candidates embrace similar stances on all the issues I feel are most pertinent to elevating this state out of the dark ages.

Anton Andrew is my choice. Why?

Anton has over 25 successful years of experience working in diverse climates acquiring skills that best position him to work well with the adverse, and often caustic, climate of the State House.

He's worked to defend the constitutional rights of the disadvantaged. This meant working in often hostile settings while maintaining his composure for successful outcomes.

As a senior level university presidential advisor, he has implemented and enforced work place harassment and discrimination rules, giving him experience and appreciation for what makes for a positive, professional, and effectively operating work environment. He also developed a campus business center for women and minority owned businesses, training for successful outcomes competing for government contracts.

As a volunteer he has been committed to safeguarding our environment. He has myriad of experiences developing the Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County, and helping the Nature Conservancy successfully engage with the diverse stakeholders relevant to urban conservation, health, and revitalization.

And on the educational front he has developed an educational resource for parents and students, Open Connections.

Anton has accomplished much in his short life. He has been successful because he knows how to stay focused and deliver his passion for the important issues of education, environment, gun safety, equal rights and equal pay, and women's reproductive health with intelligence and calm.

Most importantly, I have spoken with both Anton and his opponent and had several opportunities to hear them speak in public forums. Anton’s demeanor manifests his focused, professional, and intelligent manner that has been the basis of his successful endeavors, and makes him the best person to be our next representative for the 160th..

Carol Catanese
Pennsbury Township


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