Letter: Donze has the right temperament

Judicial temperament describes a judge's general attitude toward the law, litigants and other judges. According to the American Bar Association, judicial temperament means that a judge exhibits "compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice."

Passing judgment is based on truth, facts, evidence and the law, while giving all an equal and respectful chance to present, and keeping an open mind all the while.

Jane Donze’s potential for appropriate judicial temperament is best displayed by her years as a successful mediator and arbitrator. She has the highest ethical rating from a national peer review, the behavioral background of a family member who was a highly respected Superior Court judge, has both defense and prosecution experience, and has served her community for years in meaningful social service efforts across all demographics, with dignity and respect.

Judicial temperament, character, whatever one chooses to call it, Donze has demonstrated it well by her actions and her honesty. She has listened to all voices while avoiding being influenced by the rhetoric. She has demonstrated non-partisanship while only presenting the truth throughout her campaign. She has respected people’s honesty yet been honest with her own views.

My family members are not lawyers, just regular residents of Pocopson since 1965. For our judge, we don’t want a silent partner. We want a smart, ethical leader who seeks to apply the law and the rulings to the truths of a case while knowing how to see through the bluster.

We ask you to join us in voting for Jane Donze on Nov. 7.

The McNemar Family
Pocopson Township
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