Letter: Roe wants unfunded mandate

I’ve been trying to research the candidates in the Pennsylvania 158th Legislative District. Eric Roe says on his website "Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of overdose deaths in young adult men, some of whom were classmates of mine in grade school. I intend to constrain this epidemic by pressuring the Pennsylvania Department of Education to change its curricula and increase awareness in our classrooms."

I’m bothered that he seems only to be concerned about young men who struggle with addiction. Does he really believe that addiction and overdose is a male-only issue?

Further, it seems to me that his solution would place an unfunded mandate on our public school districts and taxpayers. This shortsighted thinking and lack of experience — throwing money at a problem without ever addressing the actual underlying need — just demonstrates that Eric Roe has no real life experience beyond politics, and no concept of how to deliver real-world solutions.

Bill Phifer
East Bradford
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