Letter: Killion does bidding of beer lobby

So let me get this straight. If state Sen. Tom Killion's recent bill gets passed, I'll be able to go to a beer distributor and buy four bottles of wine, but I won't be able to buy four bottles of beer. I'll be able to buy a case of beer, but I won’t be able to buy a case of wine. Someone please tell me why this is not a crazy addition to our already byzantine liquor laws in Pennsylvania. This bill looks like another piecemeal attempt to give the beer distributors a bigger piece of the profits on liquor sales. If Tom Killion were really interested in providing Pennsylvanians with the easy access to beer, wine and liquor that they want, he would propose legislation to completely restructure the sale of alcoholic beverages.

I hope the voters in Delaware County and Chester County are taking note of Killion's choice of an issue during this brief period before the November election. Do they really want a state senator who is doing the bidding of the well-heeled beer distributor lobbyists?  Or do they want a state senator who is prepared to address the truly serious issues affecting them?

This choice of Killion’s shows why Marty Molloy is a much stronger candidate for state senator in the Pennsylvania’s 9th Senate District. Molloy's issues — full and fair state funding for education, work with local law enforcement on sensible gun legislation, increase the minimum wage, protect property taxes from increasing, protect a woman’s right to choose, promote a marketplace for renewable energy — reflect the real needs of this district and the true interest of its residents.

Rather than continue with the same backroom politics presented to us by the tired Republican Party of Delaware County, let's move toward an open political forum and elect a new kind a politician. Molloy is a proven leader who is not beholden to a party structure that seeks to protect itself and its friends rather than the interests of the average Pennsylvanian. Marty Molloy is ready to listen to what Pennsylvanians want, and he will work to get it done for them.

Elect Marty Molloy to be our next state senator in the 9th Senate District on Nov. 8.

Beth Alois
Thornbury Township, Delaware County

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