Op/Ed: Horowitz will be a supervisor for us all

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it is that Chadds Ford is at a crossroads. We can either take a strong stand and protect our open space and scenic beauty, or we can allow development from Concord Township to overwhelm us. This is why our choice for supervisor on Tuesday is so critical. And this is why I believe Chadds Ford residents of all parties should elect Alan Horowitz for Supervisor.

It is my sincere belief that the best governance comes from the thoughtful consideration of diverse viewpoints and that Alan will be an excellent and invaluable addition to the Board. He is ready to lead and to take on the serious issues that face Chadds Ford. He is not a partisan. He looks forward to working with the current supervisors. He counts as friends and supporters Democrats and Republicans alike. He will be a supervisor for us all.

Here's what I know about Alan Horowitz: He's a global business leader and a lawyer who makes decisions about the environment, health, and ethics at the highest level on a daily basis. He is a critical thinker who looks at problems from multiple angles.   He is someone who, with his family, spent three years living abroad gaining an invaluable cross-cultural perspective. And most importantly, he has a vision of what Chadds Ford is and should be in the future. That's the "passion" that he is talking about in this election. It's a passion to preserve the Chadds Ford that we all know and love.

If this election were about the past or tallying past attendance, then perhaps Noelle Barbone would be the best candidate for the job. But it's not. It's about the future and about making the tough decisions that will need to be made to protect our town.

Do we really want to slap the wrist of the people in our township that have younger children or demanding jobs, and exclude our most qualified decision makers from local government? Conversely, a seat on the Board of Supervisors should not be an award handed out on the basis of the number of meetings attended or work done for a particular political party.

Alan has made a commitment to serving as the supervisor Chadds Ford deserves and no one should have any doubt that he will live up to or exceed that commitment. But more importantly, I believe we should be encouraging everyone possible to participate in any way they can. Big jobs require everyone to get involved. In order to deal with the problems coming at us, we must tap into the greatest resource Chadds Ford has at its disposal…its most capable residents.

I know that everyone in Chadds Ford, whether Republican or Democrat or Independent, will benefit from having the most thoughtful, critical thinkers making the decisions that affect our township. That's one of the reasons why, even though I am the Chair of the Chadds Ford Democratic Party, I am enthusiastically supporting Samantha Reiner for Supervisor.  She is not only extremely experienced, but also someone who has always had an ear open for all sides. Like Alan, she is an independent thinker.

So yes, I will be voting for Alan Horowitz for supervisor on Tuesday and I strongly encourage all of my fellow Chadds Ford residents to do so as well, regardless of party affiliation. Ask yourself: Who do I want making the tough decisions that will have an impact on my town for years to come?  The future of Chadds Ford is just too important not to have the most effective Board of Supervisors possible.

Jesse Sheppard
Chadds Ford Township
Jesse Sheppard is chairman of the

Chadds Ford Democratic Party

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