Prime night for museum

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Donors to the Sanderson Museum eat for free at Brandywine Prime during a fun-raiser for the museum Monday night.

It was a prime night for the Chris Sanderson Museum Monday. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it was a Brandywine Prime night. The restaurant, which shares part of its parking lot with the Sanderson, hosted a fun-raiser for the quirky little museum on Creek Road. Restaurateur Michael Majewski often offers his place to help out the Sanderson and other local nonprofits. He…

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Mixed Media: Weekend of the Arts

First Friday is upon us! This week, I will focus on the cluster of art events occurring in the Kennett Square area for the Weekend of the Arts. As one of Kennett Square’s expanded art events, Weekend of the Arts promises a variety of lively offerings that will lead you throughout Kennett Square and slightly beyond. The centerpiece of Weekend of The Arts, located at…

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