July Art Roundup

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Faces of West Chester, Susan Curtin, Church Street Gallery

There is always more art to find in the Brandywine Valley! While some galleries take a break for the summer and art camps, street festivals and art pop-ups take over. Keep your eyes peeled for these amazing shows and others that are happening throughout the region. Remember to check websites and social media for updated health and safety measures for each venue. Local artist Emie…

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Around Town June 30

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Kids can Find Nano at the Hagley museum on July 9.

• Kids know about finding Waldo and Nemo, but how about Finding Nano? That’s the next Science Saturday at Hagley Museum on Saturday, July 9 from noon to 4 p.m. There is a whole world of things we can’t see with our eyes. Get a glimpse of this tiny world and its unique properties. Visitors of all ages are invited to discover solutions to science…

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Musings: Cooler heads needed

People are going nuts on social and mainstream media alike regarding the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. Everybody’s talking about abortion, but not many say anything other than letting out an emotional scream or cheer. That’s understandable since there’s nothing objective about how the argument is phrased and its emotional volatility. “Pro-choice v. pro-life,” as it’s put, is misleading since most people on…

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