Boost Your Business: Scheduling social media posts

Ever feel like uploading and posting social media content takes forever? Coming up with content ideas is a big enough job. If you want to make your social media scheduling more efficient, you’ve got options.

  1. Use a social media scheduling tool

First and foremost, you’ve got to have a scheduling tool like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. Posting directly on social media platforms is time-consuming, and you’ll have to remember to post your content every single day.

Scheduling tools, on the other hand, make life much easier. They have tons of convenient features like media libraries and hashtag suggestions, and they allow you to schedule the same post on multiple platforms.

  1. Do your hashtag research beforehand

Nothing’s worse than almost being ready to hit the “schedule” button on your posts, only to realize you forgot about hashtags.

Find hashtags that fly slightly under the radar – the more popular the hashtag, the bigger the competition.

Keep a list of your go-to hashtags and use them in tandem with post-specific ones. You’ll cut down on research time while keeping your hashtag strategy fresh.

  1. Work in batches

Bouncing around from task to task is a great way to hurt your overall productivity.  When you focus on one task at a time, it’s easier to get “in the zone.”

Break the process down into batches. Take one day to write your social media posts. Take a break, then create all your graphics. Then do your hashtag research.

Once you’re done, it will take no time at all to pop everything into your scheduling tool.

  1. Have a folder of go-to images

Whether you’re scavenging through a messy Google Drive folder or searching for images on stock photo sites, organization is the key.

Clean up that photo folder ASAP. Spend an hour or two creating a photo library with shots from your favorite stock photo site.

Don’t waste time scrambling for photos at the last minute; have a robust folder of ready-to-go photo options to simplify your scheduling process.

  1. Post at the best possible times

If you’re going to schedule social media content, you better schedule it to go out at the best possible time. That’s another benefit of scheduling tools – many of them suggest the best times to post on each platform. If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement stats, this is one easy step that could make a huge impact.

Of course, the easiest (and most effective) way to schedule your social media content is to outsource it! Looking for help with your social scheduling, strategy, management and more? We’d love to hear from you.

About Maria Novak Dugan

Maria L. Novak Dugan is president of Marketing Solutions & Business Development, a firm in West Chester, PA, offering creative marketing services and goal implementation for small & medium sized businesses. For more information, contact Maria at 610-405-0633 or or visit She has more than 20 years experience in the Marketing & Sales Industry...13 of those as the sole Sales Representative for a Pennsylvania payroll company growing their client base by over 500 percent. Maria Novak Dugan is a member of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Latino Luncheon Group of West Chester, Neighbors in Business of the Glen Mills Area, News4Women, and The Associated Press. She is also the former Managing Director of the Delaware Chapter of eWomenNetwork. Creating, developing, and conducting this division of a national organization strengthened her knowledge of networking, event planning, fundraising, and small-business development.



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