You went to Washington to express your political view and stood quietly, that's good. I don't recall mass roits reported in the conservative rally at the same venue just two weeks prior, So what's your point? Don.t try and discredit discenting opinion by spinning your reporting that a more conversative approach to our problems is led by racials intolerant of any debate.

The rally last weekend in Washington had an political agenda and it was not just about "can't we all just get along".


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Maybe you could lead a book group and discuss one or more of the trilogy in the Chester County Night School etc.


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Slow News Day in the Ford?

Thanks Richard- This is a riot!
It must be a slow news day in the Ford when our October 16 wedding at St Andrew the Apostle Church leads the way.

Actually, the most newsworthy item was my gown - a Galina designer gown which was the exact same gown (#T9552) "Pam" wore when she married "Jim" on the NBC comedy series "The Office" in October 2009.
Only I chose to wear the optional lace shrug to cover up the old arms.
The actress Jenna Fischer pulled it off much better.

I'll be back soon with a blog on Indian Hanna and the marker on Rte 62.

"The Bard"
Sally Hoey

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