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Works by Erica Brown and Karen Delaney at Church Street Gallery
Work by Donna Porter at Square Pear

In West Chester, Church Street Gallery is hosting two popular local artists. Karen Delaney’s sculptures have been paired with Erica Brown’s encaustic paintings. It’s the first time Church Street has displayed sculpture throughout its space. The show titled “On and Off the Wall”, is on view through July 3rd.

In Kennett, a new show titled “Float” opens at Square Pear. A live reception is being planned for this Friday June 18th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Artists include Jill Beech, Amy Iversen, Donna Porter, Denise Vitollo, Frank Wengen and several more.

The Ice Cream Man by Chad Cortez Everett at TDC


The theme this summer at The Delaware Contemporary (TDC) is Identify. From the press release, “This summer, The Delaware Contemporary serves as a space for cultural conversation through the presentation of exhibitions that construct a community-based dialog. Each exhibition examines the versatility of the human condition while speaking to the cultural framework that either enables or hinders the expression of this condition. Through this lens, the overall works speak to either autobiographical material or personal exploration into the contemporary systems and structures that shape individual identities.” The galleries are filled with works by a variety of artists including Meleko Mokgosi whose work consists of three banners created for TDC. In them he brings together references to Southern Africa and expressions of Pan-Africanism in the United States.

Work by Shakira Hunt at TDC

Chad Cortez Everett, Gene Holt, Alexander Newman, Chau Nguyen, and Yapci Ramos are in a group show titled “Family History”. Yikui (Coy) Gu’s solo is titled “The Americans” and Shakira Hunt’s solo titled “Give Me My Flowers” is an exploration of masculinity, femininity, and the connection to emotional intelligence tied to the relationship she shared with her father.  “Unapologetic Conversations of Hair & Nonconformity” is a 10 person group exhibition. The press release for this show states, “Through personal narrative and artistic practice, the ten artists showcased here promote conversations around identity, access, discrimination, and conformity through the celebration of authenticity and pride in one’s natural being.” These exhibitions run through August 21st. Another solo of works by Seonglan Kim Boyce, titled “Color and Space” runs through June 27th.

 The human condition is also being explored at Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) in Philly this month. Artist Rusty Eveland is exhibiting a collection of figure paintings in a solo exhibition titled “Human”. While in quarantine last year, Eveland was forced to shift his focus from a practice of drawing from life with models to viewing figures virtually to create his works. From the press release, “Ultimately, the series is about how awesome and beautiful the differences are in the human race.” The show is on view at DVAA through June 20th. While there, be sure to check out the member group show titled “Derive” featuring several artists who are displaying their artwork along with their source image. It’s an interesting concept and features Alan Lankin, Bill Brookover, Florence Weisz, Gary Grissom, Gloria Klaiman, Helge Speth, Linda Dubin Garfield, Marcie M. Ziskind, Maryanne Buschini, Ona Kalstein, Reyna Howkins, Robert Zurer, Rosalind Bloom, Sarah Baptist, Selene Nunez-Cruz and many more.

There’s some exciting news this week! After a long wait, the Brandywine River Museum is kicking off its reopening. See full description of opening exhibit here.

Works by Rusty Eveland at DVAA


“Disrupted Realism” is coming back to Stanek Gallery in Old City Philadelphia with exciting works from painters Jacqueline Boyd, Martin Campos and Stanka Kordic. The first iteration included a roster of international artists curated by California writer and curator John Seed; previously on view in 2018. Save the date!  “Disrupted Realism: Reimagining the Figure” opens on First Friday, July 2nd.

Whatever you do this week, support the arts!!


About Constance McBride

A native of Philadelphia, Constance McBride lived in Arizona for 16 years, where desert observations made a transformative impact on her work as a research based visual artist. Passionate about contemporary art, she was actively engaged in the local arts community. She served as a board member for several art organizations, managed an artist collective/gallery space, curated and juried several exhibitions and wrote for two arts publications in Phoenix. She taught ceramics at Shemer Art Center and Museum and exhibited her work both locally and nationally. McBride returned to Pennsylvania in 2018 and resides in Chester Springs with her husband and two dogs. In West Chester, she serves as a board member at The Art Trust Gallery at Meridian Bank and teaches ceramics at Chester County Art Association. She also teaches at Clay on Main in Oley, PA. She is a member of American Craft Council, Philadelphia Sculptors, and Women’s Caucus for Art, Philadelphia Chapter.

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