Murphy: ‘Difficult’ running as a Republican

Chadds Ford Township Republican Party loyalists mingle prior to the start of the party’s luncheon at Brandywine catering on Saturday.

While this year's elections are mostly uncontested local affairs, Chadds Ford Township Republicans urged party members to get the vote out in November. According to township Supervisors' Chairman Frank Murphy, it's "difficult" to run as a Republican.

"It's become increasingly difficult time to be a Republican running for office, and we all know it," Murphy told the group during the party luncheon at Brandywine Catering Saturday. "We've been successful in the past, but we have to work extra hard to make sure, not just Noelle, Linda and Joe win, but that our county candidates win. There's a real effort out there to put people who aren't qualified into county positions."

He told fellow Republicans to talk to their friends to make sure they vote on Nov. 7. "Please, stretch yourself out a little bit. Get your friends and neighbors who might not consider voting this time because there's not much on our ballot. Please, make sure they get out and vote the Republican ticket."

Supervisor Noelle Barbone, running for re-election this year, talks with Chadds Ford resident Ron Coates.

In Chadds Ford, Noelle Barbone is running uncontested for re-election for township supervisor. Other local GOP candidates this year are Valerie Hoxter for tax collector, Joe Pileggi for auditor, Susan Dunwoody and Linda Jensen Henry are running for judge of elections for the two voting districts, and Katharine King and Gail Force are running for inspector of elections in the two districts.

"Noelle Barbone has, since taking her seat on the Board of Supervisors, developed a great working relationship. She's dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of this township," Murphy said. "We're doing everything we can, every day, to preserve the quality of life in this township."

He went on to say that doing so is a difficult job at times. "Sometimes it's an uphill struggle. Sometimes there are things that happened in the past that we're trying to deal with every day but, what's on my mind, Noelle's mind and Samantha's [Samantha Reiner, supervisors' vice chairman] is the quality of life in Chadds Ford."

For her part, Barbone echoed some of Murphy's concerns. She reflected on the election two years ago when she was voted into office for the remaining years of Keith Klaver's term and now, running for a full six-year term.

"When I ran two years ago, I had an opponent, and I would wake up in a cold sweat thinking, what if I lose. Now I wake up in a cold sweat, without an opponent, thinking, what if nobody comes out and votes," she said.

She also said she never realized how much work is involved in being a supervisor but is gratified at her accomplishments so far.

Among those accomplishments, she said, were having a vision workshop, hearing the application for the Hillman Drive extension, known as the loop road, "zoning and text amendment battles" and advancing the Walkable Chadds Ford project.

"Just thinking about that this morning was overwhelming," she said.

Barbone added that her pet project is being the liaison to the Walkable Chadds Ford committee and that she is excited and proud of the committee's vision.

"I'm here today because I'd love to have our vote so I can continue the Walkable Chadds Ford project over the coming six years. I would love to finish it out," Barbone said, adding, "We need your vote to help keep our party strong."

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