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Kennel Manager Lara Derrico, left, and co-owner Julia Altman show off some of Greenmore’s current residents.

The old commercial said the “Marines are looking for a few good men,” but Greenmore Animal Rescue in West Marlborough Township is looking for a few good dog walkers, about 30 or 40 of them in fact.

Greenmore has been in operation since 2010 and three years ago they broke ground for a new adoption center. According to co-owner Jack Merritt, Greenmore has saved more than 4,000 dogs, as well as a handful of horses and donkeys and even a few pigs and cats in the last 12 years.

According to fellow co-owner Julia Altman, that new adoption center has a whelping room where the females can birth their puppies, a nursing room to care for sick or injured dogs, and a place for fearful dogs that, because of their previous lives, are afraid of people and need to be acclimated to humans.

Altman, a retired nurse, was able to buy the property for herself and the two horses she owned at the time but wanted the place to be for more than just her. She said she had always loved dogs and was motivated when she learned about the plight of dogs in other states that were being mistreated, abused, overbred, or neglected. Many are killed in shelters that can’t handle all of them, so she turned the farm into an animal rescue center.

“I said, you know, I think I can help some of them,” she said. “We started with some of them in the barn, then we had crates in the barn, and we added heaters, then we built this building, and then we expanded this building. We’ve really grown over the years to be able to help 400 or 500 dogs per year.”

With the expanded facility, they can handle more animals and, thus, the need for more volunteers. Dog walkers need to be able to commit to at least one day per week for four hours over three shifts during that scheduled day. They must also be adults, 18 or older. Kids, at least 12 years of age can volunteer for the puppy room, but they must be with a parent.

In addition to volunteers, Greenmore can always use other help in the form of donations, both cash, and supplies. Cleaning supplies — bleach, antibacterial spray cleaners, laundry soap, paper towels, and old full-size bath towels — are always needed.

Those interested in volunteering, donating, adopting, fostering, or who simply want more information about the rescue should go to Greenmore’s website.

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