Turner’s Mill Plant expanding

The Turner's Mill Wastewater Treatment Plant on Chadds Ford Township property is being expanded to handle increased capacity. Chadds Ford Sewer Authority Chairman Mark Stookey said the plant's capacity would increase by 50 percent after completion. The new capacity will handle the flow from the older Ridings Plant.

"As part of this program, we are decommissioning the Ridings plant, which is old technology and has ongoing operations issues," Stookey said in an email. "The effluent formerly treated at Ridings will be sent to Turners Mill via a new line from Ridings to the Estates at Chadds Ford. We are upgrading the pump station at the Estates to enable it to send the increased volumes to Turner's Mill."

The plant capacity is currently 140,000 gallons per day, and that will go to 210,000 after the expansion.

Stookey added that the project would cost a little more than $2 million. He said the authority is borrowing $1.75 million from the Delaware Valley Regional Finance Authority, and an additional $300,000-plus will come from a state grant.

Dutchland (from Lancaster County) is doing the plant expansion. Other contractors are doing the new line and pump station work. The plant operator is Delcora.

The sewer plant was built as part of the agreement supervisors made with Toll Bros. when they approved Toll building the Estates at Chadds Ford about 15 years ago and went into operation in 2008. It's on the same grounds as the township's municipal building and next to where the township is installing the new playground.

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