Letter: Dear Mr. Semon

Dear Mr. Semon,

You may recall a short phone conversation with me back in November, when you took the liberty of returning my call to your office.  I greatly appreciated your time on my behalf.  From our brief conversation, I learned that you are capable of being patient and listening.  I learned you have a sense of humor.  I learned you possess good qualities.  And, I know those qualities lie somewhere behind the guarded face you understandably show the public.

As land owners, the Robinson Family has every right to sell their property.  And though I do not like it, you have the right to develop it.  I realize that if your company is granted Conditional Use Approval by the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors, the fate of Crebilly Farm will lie in your hands.

Crebilly Farm is not like any other land.  It is not like any land your company has developed before.  She is unique unto herself.  She is a piece of American History.  She is a beloved landmark to this area.  Her beauty is captivating.  And what she gives, to all who pass by her, is immeasurable.

I have heard on more than one occasion from you, during the Planning Commission meetings, that your company has 'met the minimum requirements.'  The minimum requirements.  What if a loved one of yours needed brain surgery and the surgeon said: 'I met the minimum requirements.'  What if our teachers, who have the power to mold the minds of our youth, only met 'the minimum requirements?'  What if our American troops, who protect us and fight for our freedom every day, only met 'the minimum requirements?'  Where would we all be today?  And what would that look like years from now?  What if parents asked only the 'minimum requirements' of their children?  If Crebilly Farm is to be developed, she deserves better than the minimum.

If you are given the opportunity to develop this land, my hope for you is that you will aspire to do nothing less than your very best.  My hope for you is that you will make the choice to develop her responsibly and thoughtfully by providing a balance between development and maintaining the valuable history, open space and essence of what can never be replaced.

Mindy Rhodes
West Bradford Township

[Editor's note: Andrew Semon is the divisional president for Toll Bros. Toll is looking to develop the 322-acre Crebilly Farm.]

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