Arrest made in animal abuse

The Brandywine Valley SPCA, in partnership with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and Coatesville Police Department, has charged a suspect in the heinous abuse and neglect of a tiny kitten handed over to officers with a traumatic amputation of her front leg. The suspect also will face charges for cruelty and neglect of a dog, rabbit, turtle, and nearly 3 dozen cats and kittens found living in squalor in the suspect’s care. 38 animals in total were rescued.

The suspect was not named in the press release issued by the SPCA, and the Chester County Diostrict Attorney's office did not respond to queries.

BVSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Sgt. Bryan Jackson was alerted to the maimed kitten while responding to a call about a stray dog in Coatesville last week. The 1-month-old kitten was presented to officers smelling of waste and infection, wrapped in duct tape, and missing a front leg that had not been treated. Officers rushed the kitten, Roo, to our West Chester Campus, where our caring medical team was able to assess her injuries and condition. Roo’s severed leg injury had exposed bone and needed surgery to remove dead tissue and bone to repair the wound. She was filthy, running a fever, and dehydrated.

“The thought of what this tiny kitten has endured is heartbreaking,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA’s CEO. “It is truly a miracle she survived this horrific trauma and neglect, and we are committed to providing her with the medical attention and care she needs to heal both physically and emotionally.”

Despite weighing just 1.5 pounds, Roo made it through emergency surgery and has been responding to treatment. She remains under medical care in a foster home.

When Animal Protective Services officers, along with Coatesville Police Officers responded to the suspect’s home after Roo was turned over to arrest the suspect, they found dozens of cats and kittens, along with a dog, rabbit, and turtle living in deplorable conditions. In all, 38 animals were rescued from the filthy home. One kitten was found deceased. Some of the animals had injuries, including infected eyes, untreated wounds, and upper respiratory infections.

“No animal should be living in the conditions our officers found these animals, and I am grateful to our Animal Protective Services team for their diligence to continue investigating after the maimed kitten was turned over,” Lamb said. “What they found in that home was unthinkable. Now, we can give these survivors the medical attention, care, and brighter future they all deserve, while we seek justice for them, and make sure no other animals suffer the same fate at the hands of their abuser.”

The suspect faces one felony count of aggravated cruelty charge and two misdemeanor counts of cruelty and neglect charges in Roo’s case with dozens more charges pending related to the rest of the animals found.

Incidents of cruelty take place far too often, and BVSPCA has a team of Animal Protective Services officers standing by to protect dogs and cats in both Chester and Delaware Counties. However, BVSPCA wants to remind the community that there are always resources available. BVSPCA remains a resource for lost, neglected, or unwanted animals and for pet owners who are struggling to afford to care for their pets.

To support Roo’s extensive medical care, the care of the other 37 animals, and the important work BVSPCA’s team is performing on the front lines to prevent future cases of neglect, donations can be made at

As they are medically cleared, animals will be available for adoption at BVSPCA’s West Chester Campus located at 1212 Phoenixville Pike.


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