Preserving Hope: I shall not be greatly shaken

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.” (Psalm 62:1–2, ESV)

Tumultuous events can often shake us. Sometimes we are shaken by events on the news or on the international stage. But other times, we are shaken by tragedies in our own lives: a car accident, a terrifying diagnosis, or a rupture in our family. But we can also be shaken by seemingly trivial events. You receive an unkind word from your manager, and you are shaken; you forget an appointment on your calendar, and you are shaken. It feels like life is precariously resting on sinking sand. How long until we are sucked under the surface?

But in Psalm 62, David says something remarkable: “I shall not be greatly shaken.” He was firm as he considered events on the international stage. He was firm as he considered tragic events in his own life. He was firm as he considered the trivial events that can often destabilize you and me.

He was firm and stable because he had a strong foundation. He was waiting upon the Lord. He saw God as his salvation, his rock, and his fortress. In that light, he boldly proclaims that he “shall not be greatly shaken.” He is firm against the attacks of his enemies (verses 3-4) because God is the castle into which he can flee for safety and security.

Therefore, let me ask you this question: Are you living in quicksand? Can you say, “I shall not be greatly shaken”? If not, Psalm 62:1-2 gives the answer. Wait in silence for the Lord. Recognize that salvation comes from the Lord. Stop trusting in your own goodness and your own moral effort. See God as your rock and your fortress. Take refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ.

How to pray:

“Lord, I want to pray with the psalmist, “I shall not be greatly shaken,” but I often feel like I’m on quicksand, being pulled down by the events of the world and the tragedies of my own life. Give me the ability to wait upon you in silence. Let me look to you alone as my salvation. Let me see Christ as my rock and my fortress. I know that if I’m in Christ, I shall not be greatly shaken.”

About Will Stern

Originally from Colorado, Will Stern is the pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church in Garnet Valley. He majored in violin performance for his undergrad and taught violin for a number of years before being called into ministry. He studied theology at Duke University and Westminster Theological Seminary.



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