Kennett finances improving

An auditing firm hired by Kennett Township has looked at more than 80 percent of the revenue and expenses from 2021 and confirmed the township’s financial health has improved significantly since the 2019 audit. Chris Herr, one of the partners with Maillie LLP, presented the 2021 audit results at Wednesday’s supervisors’ meeting. “We’re looking at a lot of stuff, and overall, not finding the issues…

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“Imagined” at Oxford Arts Alliance

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Helen Mason, Gaia, Paper and Rubber

There is something enticing about a blank sheet of paper, or a clean freshly prepared canvas, or even the blinking cursor of a brand new document, ready for your ideas to take shape. But the art of sculpture requires, literally, a more three-dimensional approach. From a universe of available materials, sculptors imagine and invent and shape and transform and create stunning works of art. For…

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