Around Town Aug. 25

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Walking tours of the Oaklands Cemetery are scheduled for two Saturdays in September.

• Many of West Chester's leading citizens are buried at Oaklands Cemetery — including Gen. Smedley Butler, twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor —but there are many stories that remain untold. Join the education staff of the Chester County History Center to learn true tales of the soldiers, statesmen, lawyers, doctors, musicians, athletes, artists, and more that found their final rest at this garden…

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A Convergence at The Art Trust

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You Never Told Me I Could Fly, Mikel Elam

Bringing together the work of artists to create an exhibition that engages and challenges viewers is an art form in itself. The juxtaposition can bring new meaning to artwork, whether it is the first time on display or a piece that has traveled around the world for decades or even centuries. When art converges in one spot, magic can happen. Convergence, the new exhibit at…

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