Big rig plows through Leaders

An 18-wheeler plowed through Leaders Sunoco on Route 1 at Stationway Road in Chadds Ford Township Sunday morning. Police have not yet released any details of the accident. The cause and the driver’s status remain speculation.

The crash took out one of the pumps.

What is known is that the truck was northbound on Route 1 when it drifted to the right and snapped a utility right before the entrance to the gas station. The truck entered the station area, took out the pump nearest that entrance, veered between the pump island and station building, eventually coming to rest on the small island at the corner where the main sign was. The sign is gone, as are the rose bushes, flag pole, and guard barriers. The cost of the damage is as yet unknown.

The truck snapped a utility pole before crossing into the gas station.

Dan Leader said he received a phone call about the accident at about 6 a.m. He and Jim Leader were cleaning up what they could even before work crews removed the truck from the station lot shortly after 8 a.m.

No one was at the station when the accident happened. Leaders has not been able to pump gas since the Sept. 1 flood destroyed the pumps.

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